Biometric authentication system.
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Biometric authentication system. Starship Enterprise? No, Kenworth. Their new T800 High-Tech Truck is loaded with security features for the long haul. Could airplane manufacturers learn a thing or two from the grand-daddy of big rigs?
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Of course airplane manufacturers are sophisticated enough to do biometrics or whatever. The problem is economics, because the airlines in a commoditized business where profits are marginal and based on volume. Most airlines buy their planes on expensive loans that they have to make every month or they go under. It's not a recipe for adding $millions in security features.

Truth to tell, the trucking business is the same way. This truck will probably find a niche market in shipping companies oriented toward government/military contracts and hazardous or highly valuable materials (e.g. pharmaceuticals). But that's only because it might provide a way to mitigate against soaring insurance costs.
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But then how would Ted fly the plane if the pilot, co-pilot and navigator all ate the fish?
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"Even if the driver is forced to give a fingerprint, the dispatcher can still disable the truck remotely by using wireless technology"

Why do I see some really nasty Denial of Service attacks (a hacker is going to crack their encryption and would be able to randomly disable trucks around the country)?
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I feel the need. The need for speed.
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