David Bowie's final three songs
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When the Original Cast Album of Lazarus was released, it contained a bit of a bonus: three studio tracks of songs from the show recorded as out-takes from his final album ★. No Plan, Killing A Little Time, and When I Met You. posted by hippybear (5 comments total) 27 users marked this as a favorite
I love "Killing a Little Time." It sounds like a combination of a song from The Man Who Sold the World and Blackstar.
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Opinions on the Lazarus cast recording seems to be mixed among Bowie fans, but I'm very glad for its existence. The actors sang the hell out of the songs, the backing band did their job well (in some cases with interesting arrangements e.g. Changes and The Man Who Sold the World), and it is after all a document of one of Bowie's last projects. I've been enjoying it.

Of the three Blackstar versions, I expected to like No Plan the most (and I do love it), but Killing a Little Time is astonishing. Very Outside. When I Met You is enjoyable, but almost sounds like it would've fit on The Next Day: Extra. Not a dig, but seems a bit incongruous with the rest of the Blackstar material.

There was a lot of marketing hype referring to these as "the final Bowie songs" (it still hurts to tap that phrase out), but I'm still holding out hope for a deluxe edition of Blackstar with the other confirmed recorded songs.
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I'm still not done mourning. Just when i think i'm done a new thing appears. A friend summed it up best i think, when he explained to me that Bowie was our friend. He always had something to show us that we maybe didm't know about before. And if you grew up in the 70's and 80's, not only was that true, but highly valuable.
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Awwwww. Ugh. Yeah, not done. I *have* sent out invitations for my Bowiemas Eve party, and am making Bowienalia Greetings cards to send out.
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I liked "Killing A Little Time" the most. I can only admire his dedication to putting as much as he could of himself into his work, knowing what he knew.

And I certainly hope that, at some point, the 5 newer demos that Tony Visconti said were recorded will be released in some form. I'd really love to hear what Bowie was working on when he believed he'd have a little more time.
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