A word, if you will.
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Words-To-Use.com ".... is a new kind of word reference that can help you write about anything! Unlike a thesaurus, which groups words by their meaning, we group subject-related words by parts of speech...."

e.g. words for eyes, or click on the tab on that page for eye similes, eyelash similes, and even eyebrow similes all of which might come in handy for your next noir thriller or romance. Thus: "Her all-knowing, almond-shaped yet protruding eyes with eyelashes as thick as carwash brushes beckoned from beneath eyebrows like fuzzy caterpillars"

An eyebrow is just a small misplaced beard, so no surprise, there are words for that too.

Or combine the above with the words to use for a resume/job application. "your search for a man with a moustache like a black bat glued to his lip is over."

Some of this oriented to marketing types, looking for a way to promote, say, fair-trade products. Let's mash that up with words for sympathy and funerals and get: "Our business was a positive economic connection between American consumers and disadvatanged artisans but now it's gone before we knew it, and only God knows why."

But there are also suggestions for grovelling as well as wooing.

And when all else fails there is always "spirts (sic) and alcohol".
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So... in a way, it's just two things?
In that case,
Kitten with a MANIPUlATIVE Whip was an EXPLOITATIVE movie.
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I searched "difficult" and the returns were three: Business promotion, Graduation, and Women.

So...I won't be recommending this.
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shiny hair like metal reflecting the sun

we take the mystery out of seafood

may we never forget the flavor of snowflakes

contains synergistic herbs
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It's like someone accidentally trained a neural network on Mad Libs : O
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Hello we are brawny men and leggy women and adept analytical employees and not at all three AIs in a trenchcoat and we must make an effort to impact the planet so can we please have the nuclear codes now?
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This reminds me a little bit of Hiswelókë's analogical, thematic, and semantic Sindarin/Noldorin-English dictionaries.
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In French grammar education, there's a concept called champ lexical (literally "lexical field") which, I think, is basically this. The example in the French wikipedia link lists words in the same champ lexical as the word "nature": forest, clearing, branch, leaf, nest, pine, oak, saw, lumberjack, wood, shrub, animals, beaver, rock.

I've been looking for an English version for this kind of thing (it's sometimes good for brainstorming and such). However, as lazycomputerkids pointed out above, their entry for "women" is a bit... not the best.
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