Sex slavery in Europe.
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Sex slavery in Europe. I saw a special about this on a cable news channel... it's almost unbelievable, but this is actually going on now.
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posted by wiremommy at 2:04 PM on May 11, 2000

it's unbelievable that uh aid workers (hello?) from overseas are in on this, basically paying for the opportunity to rape ('cause y'know they're meant to be entitled to do this, because they're working on contract away from who they normally have sex with...even though i don't see that sex/rape connection myself...) and probably torture (after all, aid work is stressful, gotta take it out on someone, right?) innocent women.
i can't help but feel ill about the whole thing.
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In my former life in S.E. Asia, I met up with a group of former military men (and supporters) that were in the business of busting up whorehouses/slave-dens all over Europe and Asia. They would raid these places with guns, clubs, knives, smoke grenades, etc... and run the women and boys out of these places and into friendly hands. Sometimes even out of the country. I wonder if they are still in business?
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Uhm, I was watching (actually listening, I don't watch) television, some sort of News special, which mentioned that there are an estimated 50,000 sex slaves in the *USA*.

This freaked me out for the same reason it freaked Wiremommy out, even more, because one would think this is America, right? How can it happen here?

*sigh* Very upsetting.
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My friend's father is a freelance cameraman, working for news agencies around europe. He was in Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Albania (not sure about the last one) just a week ago filming material for a documentary on this subject. He said that it's absolutely horrible - women are being bought for as little as $500US and the conditions they are kept in aren't fit for animals.
I haven't talked to him since the return but I'll probably get a chance tonight, write something more tomorrow.
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