The origin and linguistics of "shitgibbon"
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Ben Zimmer's The Rise of the Shitgibbon, and a followup piece discussing that linguists care about shitgibbons too, by Taylor Jones.
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I would say it as a dactyl rather than an antibacchius.
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From the second link:

That said, in principle, monosyllable expletive + trochee seems to give really good results ... it's not completely unlimited. Some words fit but don't make much sense as an insult: cock bookshelf, fart saucepan (which I quite like, actually), dick pension, belch welder. Others sound like the kind of thing a child would say: fart person! poop human! turd foreman!

In this new America, in which the currency of the realm has become bullshit, and many officials make their living by deploying it and the people who are eager to be deceived by it, "turd foreman," is, I aver, an insult whose time has come.
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One of the more interesting moments from a week I spent in Paris last summer was when I was trying to translate "shitgibbon" into French during a conversation.

I'd told my companion about that Scottish tweet and he read it a couple times, and then I saw him pull up Google in his phone and start using Google translate on it and I had to say ", I don't think they'd have it." Then there followed a weird sort of combination of David Sedaris and Eddie Izzard moment as I tried to define it in my limited French: "You know 'merdre', and that is 'shit,' and 'gibbon' is a small kind of monkey, it has the very long arms, and...."

He got it. But I think we both unconsciously decided that trying to translate "Cheeto-fingered" would be somewhat futile.
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It can also work with two-syllable constructions, i.e., "cuntstack".
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It's neither the emphasis nor the vowels. The most important requirement is that the construction contain a series of (usually five) widely varied consonant sounds in quick succession.

Additionally, nonsensical randomness is crucial. Shitgibbon almost doesn't work, being nearly a literal description of the subject.
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I maintain that cock-welder is a perfectly useful insult, provided the recipient is not a artist who works with metal to make rooster statues.

Also eponisterical. I actually checked to see how long this account had been active, half sure it was created to post this.
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This is superb.
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I have a soft spot for "munching wanktoaster", which I got from China Mieville's "Kraken".
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Belch Welder should be a TMBG cover band.
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No mention of the shitgibbon's closest primate relative, the poontangutan?
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My personal favourite of this sort of expletive (?) is "cockwomble".
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Fresh curses offer pause in a sea of turmoil for a grim if brief smile. One can scamper across a sea of stale curses, though, and never get your feet wet.

Please, also consider: (fucktrumpet, dickbiscuit, twatwaffle, turdweasel, not to mention shit whistle) until they become familiar, then let's move on. I'm sure this ground can be revisted often.

The meter is running.

Cheetos forever.
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I was pleased to work this additional criterion out before I read it in the article (from the Language Jones article):

For a while, I've been discussing vowels in insults with fellow linguist Lauren Spradlin. …… Spradlin has brought my attention to the importance of repeating vowels increasing the viability of a new insult of this form: crap rabbit, jizz biscuit, shit piston, spunk puffin, cock waffle, etc.
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I find "shitgibbon" and its analogues too cutesy to sting properly, but anything is better than "asshat," whose period of ascendancy in the early aughts caused me great dismay
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For some reason, this makes me want to make an automated Twitter bot that responds to every Trump tweet with a combination of these phrases and a Captain Haddock curses.

Subtropical sea louse! Nitwitted ninepin! Fancy-dress fuckweasel!
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Remember, insulting Donald Trump is just a waystation on the road to true action against him. Don't let the echoing shitgibbons at the oasis there keep you from the long road ahead.
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Lately I find "trashmonster" rising to my lips, especially when I'm about to say something regrettable about my fellow Americans. It speaks very poorly of me, especially when you reflect on the implications of treating political enemies as human garbage, but there we are.

I wrote briefly for a recent class about how, now that cinders and ashes are not part of everyday urban experience, children can't really hear the insult in the name "Cinderella," and that the tale would be well updated by calling the girl "Trashmonster" instead.
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My personal favorite, has been the Italian translation of a Philadelphia style insult: Dick Nose or in the Italian: Naso di Cazzo! Always fun to say, and I was told by my ex wife (who translated for me) not actually used in Italy. Perhaps they just don't know what they're missing.
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Though really, fascist, loofa-faced, shit-gibbon, just rolls off the tongue in a quite delightful manner.
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also it just occurred to me that although "fart saucepan" is not quite right for a person, it is the perfect insult for a place. Try it out in your next Yelp review ("Don't eat here, this is a complete fart saucepan")
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I can't remember where I saw it, but similar profanity has been spinning in this orbit for a while.
E.g. Shapeshifting Horsefucker, Dickthistle.
Two stressed, one unstressed, at least somewhat assonant. Sound best delivered by a Scotsperson.
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“Cattlefucker” (a closed compound; pl., “cattlefuckers”) has a pleasing rhythm. It was the word i’d whisper to myself when encountering errors made by others and left for me to catch while editing a particularly difficult book with a tight deadline seventeen years ago. After weeks of 12+ hour days cleaning up other people’s shit you get a bit surly.
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It works for humor, too. See: Squat Cobbler [NSFW]
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Obligatory Language Log: The scansion of disapprobation expressions
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My favourite usage of this: The History of the Decline and Fall of the American Empire by Edward Shitgibbon.
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I find I'm getting a lot of mileage out of "fuckchuckle"
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Oh the perils of owning my own vinyl cutter...i just couldn't resist, now I am going to have to stick these things all over.
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I don't think it's going to get better than "Super Callous Fragile Racist Sexist Nazi POTUS"
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In retrospect, it may explain why I've always found Cockfosters so eminent a swear.
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I couldn't find a generator for these, so I wrote one. Suggestions welcome--I don't have much experience with this sort of thing. Some that I like so far: cockschooner, cuntbellows, twatchieftain, fuckrooster, wanknova.
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That is great work, fermion, I just got this "Fuck you, jizzfeathering". I'm not sure about calling someone jizzfeathering, but it could definitely refer to a certain someone's hairstyling technique.

As a barely related aside, I have decided to try and stop swearing so much in front of my kids (they have begun to drop eff bombs, whoops). I have been using a variety of standard minced oaths that I find funny, like "Great Scott, that is a huge mess you've made", but I also started using "Hillary's emails!" For example "Hillary's emails, that is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen!" It works well for me because it also makes me realize that what I consider a huge problem (like a mountain of toys in the living room) really isn't anything important and I can just clean it up and get along with my life rather than descending into a pit of rage.
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The FPP article has been reposted at Slate, with a new round of comments (422 and counting).
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so-called ruler of the United States: SCROTUS
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One twist worth noting: because of their relative metrical features, you can reverse the word-pair order of this species of insult to create new offbrand nicknames for Benedict Cumberbatch.

Shitgibbon twatwaffle?

Gibbonshit Waffletwat.
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Oh man. Linguistics always sounds interesting until I actually try to read linguistics talk, and then I start keeling over.
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I find myself filling the "shitgibbon" mold with nonsense syllables and getting still wonderfully insulting-sounding words like "spelkwhebner" and "snutmugget".
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ately I find "trashmonster" rising to my lips

That sounds altogether too affectionate, at least to anyone who grew up watching Sesame Street.

Calling some despicable scumbag a trashmonster would give one the opposite of satisfaction, much like ringing the too melodious-sounding bell on one's bicycle at some jerk who cut in in front of you feels less like censuring them and more like giving them a Mario Bros.-style +1 points for having bested you.
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Another theoretical point that went unmentioned: there should be no semantic linkage between the offensive and inoffensive parts of the expletive; “cockwomble” and “douchenugget” work because the surreality of the juxtaposition maximises their impact, like air in a fuel-air explosive.

(Tangentally: I once heard that one of the most offensive swearwords in Dutch translates literally as “cancer-whore”, another semantically random juxtaposition.)
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Trashmonster just makes me think of trash panda, and those are too cute.

A former roommate used to occasionally use "goat roper" as an insult, which almost fits the pattern. I might suggest switching to "goatboner" though.
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Trashmonster makes me think of the Cookie Monster, who I really like.

A friend of mine used to call grotty pubs pissbins, and I've always enjoyed that one
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"Shitgibbon" has the advantage of seeming to have a cogent and appropriate meaning, ie a creature that brachiates through the forest while scattering its excreta on all.

However, I find it difficult to relinquish the more surreal image of a man who in fact, shits gibbons.
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No idea if it feels different in the US, but these twee compound swears - of which "cockwomble" seems to be the ur-curse - just feel nauseatingly cutesy to me, and always seem to be delivered with a smug confidence that they're far more clever than they really are; the Stephen Fry of cussing. I don't know.
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I know it's incredibly obvious, but I still find it odd that it hasn't been explicitly spelled out, especially if we're going to get into origins and linguistics: Shitgibbon is clearly tied to the concept of monkeys flinging poo, which has long been a metaphor for unproductive debate.
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I'm surprised no one has brought up "Clownstick von Fuckface" yet
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"Twatbadger" is an insult of choice among some of my friends...
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My go-tos are fuckbucket and cocksmelter. The latter profession may also be inserted into a DnD campaign as a cocksmith, or cocksmythe for the legendarily lyrical.
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Also eponisterical. I actually checked to see how long this account had been active, half sure it was created to post this.

Uh.... thanks, I guess?
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Turdwaffle and shitweasel tend to be my go-to's but that might be a Sydney traffic sort of thing.
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Cussing innovations are tricky. I remember way back when the movie Blue Velvet came out. It seemed like every cuss and insult had been done, until Dennis Hopper yelled "You stupid FUCK."

I had never heard of it as a noun (other than the act) and it was amazingly powerful. Now of course it's a commonplace, usually preceded by "stupid."
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Arsebadger. Spunktrumpet. Works best with medium-grade swears, I think. I wonder if it's related to the kind of formulation that's present but not sweary in "Blackadder".
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Fuckknuckle has long been popular in these parts, as has arsemarmot, not to mention knobgobbler, snotswallower and sicknippled crotchbotherer.

Ok I may have made those last two up.
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