"a device that rides in the butt-crack, for lack of a better term"
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Gluteal fold.
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To get from the biological business end through the weenie airlock and into space, Cardon devised a second class of devices he called introducers.

Tee-hee "weenie airlock."
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Cardon’s two-part design hinged on a machine he called the perineal access port.

When asked how he's handling all the praise for his ingenuity, Cardon replied simply, "T'ain't a big deal."
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Gluteal fold.

Pretty sure that's a breed of cat?
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I wish they had published diagrams or something! The devices are a little difficult to visualise.
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sacrococcygeal area
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Intergluteal cleft is the technical term, I think.

Wikipedia also sez: "Medical synonyms for the intergluteal cleft include gluteal cleft, natal cleft, anal cleft, clunial cleft, crena analis, crena ani, crena interglutealis, and rima ani."
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This Business Insider article has a pretty detailed series of photos of Dr Cardon's prototypes.
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Wow, those really are detailed. And it brings home just how ingenious Dr. Cardon's device is, too. Inflatable bedpan!

I could see this idea having utility for extreme conditions here on Earth like mountain climbing, Arctic expeditions, or deep-sea diving. Any situation where you need to do your business without exposing your bits and bobs to the elements, basically.
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"[...] air flow system that pushed waste away from the astronaut and into a storage compartment within the suit. [...]"

If you extend that storage compartment throughout the entire suit the poop and pee could double as a thin layer of extra radiation shielding!!!
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Good find, Jilder. Thanks!
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Yeah, with those pictures it really does help me appreciate how clever this invention is. Several clever inventions, in fact, rolled into one. Then shoved through a tube.
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Are we sure this isn't a beetle pretending to be a high-tech butt addition?
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Can we please talk about his "space underwear"? (Oh, sorry. From Jilder's link)
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Do pooping sounds get transmitted over the Space Radio?
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What's wrong with space underwear?
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First the stillsuits, then the space ships to get us to Arrakis. Don't let me down NASA.
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This wiki is a fun place to look if you wondered how feasible it would be on a spacewalk if you just dropped trou and let loose due to a potty emergency (provided you kept your helmet on and sealed). The answer seems to be 'it's possible, but make it quick.'
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I can talk about the space underwear, Literaryhero. It looks a lot like cheesy strapless g-strings I used to sell back in my porn shilling days. I can only imagine they might have to undergo a bit more refinement and fitting - the adult shop ones are super uncomfortable.
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