Naoki Urasawa's Manga Exertions
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Urasawa Naoki no Manben is a NHK documentary series in which mangaka Urasawa Naoki (20th Century Boys, Yawara, Master Keaton) goes around talking to and filming other cartoonists at work.

There has been one special and two seasons of each four episodes so far:
  • Pilot: featuring Urasawa himself as well as Kawaguchi Kaiji (Zipang) and Yamashita Kazumi (The Life of Genius Professor Yanagizawa)
  • S01E01: Higashimura Akiko (Princess Jellyfish)
  • S01E02: Fujita Kazuhiro (Ushio and Tora)
  • S01E03: Asano Inio (Dead Dead Demon's De De De De Destruction)
  • S01E04: Saitō Takao (Golgo 13)
  • S02E01: Hagio Moto (They Were Eleven)
  • S02E02: Hanazawa Kengo (Boys on the Run)
  • S02E03: Igarashi Daisuke (Children of the Sea)
  • S02E04: Furuya Usamaru (Lychee Light Club) NO English subtitles
Urasawa was inspired by an 1985 documentary the NHK broadcasted about Tezuka Osamu, the God of Manga. A third season of Manben is scheduled to run in September.
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Is there a good English edition of 20th Century Boys (especially electronic)? I just don't like the "now you own 20 tankobons" thing, even cost aside, and the library here doesn't have it.
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I've seen all of the first season most in the second, plus there was already a third season in which the final episode featured Urasawa himself. The next round will feature Reiko Shimizu, Junji Ito, Naoki Yamamoto, and Takumi Nagayasu.

I especially liked Kazuhiro Fujita's episode, mostly because I just adore his works. Comparing the way he smears white goop all over his drawings the old-school way, and seeing someone like Inio Asano working digitally is interesting in itself. But all of these are fascinating to watch even if you aren't familiar with the artists' works. What a bunch of incredibly talented and hard-working artists!
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The next round will feature... Junji Ito

Be still my strangely non-Euclidean beating heart.
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