Below the thunders of the upper deep
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Chock full of cephalopod goodness, Aliens of the Lembeh Strait [forceful music] is an award-winning film by Sascha Janson.
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Gorgeous, but I do wish there was a bit more context.
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What the fuck nature? Snakes are not horrifying enough that we need creatures made of eight snakes and creepy clown eyes on top of an old sport sock? Jesus.

Oh, and how can you tell the video you are watching is hosted on Vimeo rather than Youtube? Easy, the end credits are as long as the production itself on Vimeo. (Although to be fair this example wasn't particularly egregious.)
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I give this eight thumbs up, Johnny Wallflower!

Some context: the small island of Lembeh lies off the eastern end of the northern peninsula of the much larger island of Sulawesi, in northern Indonesia, and the strait in between is famously a macro photographer's paradise. It's particularly renowned as one of the best places to see mimic octopuses (the brown-and-white striped guys that first show up at around 1:19). There's plenty more, though, as the video shows.

Any context is probably of limited use in this case, though, since this is basically dive porn in its purest form. (I approve.)
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I really liked that gorgeous little busybody digging itself a hidey-hole at about 1:57.
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oh and CokeBottleSquatter at 2:52 is totes adorbz
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Cephalopods comprise some of the most beautiful, diverse and fascinating animals on this planet. This is gorgeous footage.
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Gorgeous, but I do wish there was a bit more context.

Here is a link to a blog post I created just last week that provides a little more context: The Strangest Square Mile Of Marine Life On Earth
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My takeaway is that it must be an awful lot of fun being a cephalopod.
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This videos does a pretty good job at faking that Lembeh has clear water :)
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Thank you, Johnny Wallflower! I was lucky enough to go diving in Lembeh and nearby Bunaken about ten years ago or so. It was soooooo amazing. This really brought it back.
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