The Green Fields of Vietnam
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The Green Fields of Vietnam
There was an interesting program aired tonight on RTE (Irish TV), about Irish born soliders who fought in the Vietnam War. Although only one Irish born solider is officially listed as having been killed, there were 20 others, who gave their US address when they enlisted. It's believed that 2000 Irish born men served in that conflict (they had emigrated and a Greencard means you can be conscripted) but the vast majority of these remain unknown.
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Few Americans remember, but Australia and other countries including South Korea, the Philippines, and New Zealand (medical detachment only) sent troops to Vietnam. (I remember an Australian showing up briefly in Full Metal Jacket, for one rare sighting.)

Interestingly, Tom, America has always had a very strong showing by immigrants in its armed forces. It seems to be a varying combination of patriotic zeal and economic opportunity; sometimes, it's been more complicated. One decorated Vietnam vet, born in Cornwall, died in the WTC. And a recent Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was Polish-born.
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Great link, Tom. If hope this makes it to the states or I'll be pissed. Looks fascinating.
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