April 24, 2002
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It's been attributed to Green Lantern, Winston Churchill and Richard Nixon. It's been used by U.S. Supreme Court justices, Australian defense ministers, Canadian pesticide manufacturers and columnists as far away as India. The idea behind it may not be new, but Stan Lee's wording of the moral lesson at the heart of Spiderman sure has spread in the last 40 years.
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Not "Spiderman." "Spider-Man."
Another Stan Lee meme from the same book: "Threat or Menace?" -- subtitle of J. Jonah Jameson's ranting editorials against Spider-Man in the Daily Bugle.
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The point is not really made clear that Lee's famous (if corny) phrase "with great power comes great responsibility" appears in each of the seven linked articles, either completely unattrributed or misattributed. It's easier to see this if you do a "find on this page" for either of the words "power" or "responsibility".
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The price of greatness is responsibility - Winston Churchill.

Stan Lee gets credits on the catchier turn.
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Superman: 1938. While I'm not sure about the "great power-responsibilty" speech's exact date, wild guess is that they must have recounted it in a flashback to his father (Jonathan Kent) before in those five years before 43, where he tries to play football and his father explains that his powers serve a greater good. So I think Churchill may have been by way of Siegel and Shuster.

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No one here is suggesting Churchill read comic books, right?
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isn't there a new winston chrchill tv movie coming up? maybe that'll explain it!

...oh yeah, here it is :) The Gathering Storm. Winston Churchill nude! premieres Saturday. (tomorrow :) BE THERE.
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