Blondie is a group!
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And so, in the year of our Lord 2017, there is a new album by seminal New Wave rock band Blondie. Early singles: Long Time, My Monster, and a Bowie inspired music video Fun.
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Both sound a bit dated... not 1970s New Wave dated, but 2005-ish New Wave Revival dated.

But of course they manage to pull it off.
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These songs are really good--and yeah, I agree with imfsilva on the New Wave Revival vibe.

They also really send me back to late 80s/early 90s NYC, when I'd occasionally see Ms. Harry b/c she lived in the same Chelsea building as my buddy. (Naná Vasconcelos lived there, too. What a playful sprite of a man he was. Especially over late-afternoon margaritas at Empire Diner.)

Sorry/not sorry for the name-dropping. Thanks so much for the FPP.
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Is it laden with moral turpitude?
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Well dammit, Blondie's still real good, I guess.
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Always Clem's hats.
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Hey, neat. They were my first concert, back when I was really too young to be going to that kind of show. "Long Time" seems like the standout from this group, but "Fun" earns its name nicely. They're as clubby-sounding as ever, despite the fact that my ears are still imprinted on the old club sounds.

Speaking of New Wave revivals, this had me wishing for new material from my other old favorites The Cars, but it turns out they put out an album in 2011. I missed it at the time, but Sad Song is worth a spin.
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Participation in The Tulse Luper Suitcases cemented her nefarious reputation in my mind. It won't destroy your device. Just... something else. I'm not going through it (I dast you! I DOUBLE DAST YOU TO CLICK THAT! But not on public transport or any other place where someone might see) to find the scenes. It's terrible what a bunch of artists can do together. I've lost too much and now everyone knows where I hail from so bye.
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Better go see the original line-up before it's too late. Stein and Harry to retire from touring after New York gig on the 4th of July. Granted, this post is dated 4/1/17; can anyone confirm it?
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I saw that lineup in something like... 1979? I think they were touring with Rockpile. There was a mirrored disco ball for "Heart of Glass" because ironic disco.
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The whole band sounds and looks great in that video. Also, I was amped at the degree to which the images of the dance club in that video both hearkened back to their heyday and seemed entirely contemporary. Plus ca change...
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My favorite queen! RAJA looks amazing (of course) in that video!!
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Better go see the original line-up before it's too late. Stein and Harry to retire from touring after New York gig on the 4th of July.

I really really hope that this is an april fools thing because I was supposed to see her on july 26th.
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Damn it, I was just starting to recover from my lifelong thing for Debbie Harry.
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I saw them in Melbourne this last week and they were amazing (Clem Burke was particularly stunning), and these went over pretty well. They need to trade in their session guy lead guitarist though, he thinks he's playing in Guns n Roses or something, and it grates with the whole vibe.
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One of the few rock groups whose trajectory was: meh, okay, good, really good, great ... and now, an eon later, still great. Now that's discipline!
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I might be the last guy on earth who cares about such things, but I'm really digging the graphic design work on this new album.
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I want to go to that party.
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Blondie is the one musical thread woven through almost my entire life. I think I have vignette memories involving their music from every decade, beginning with me, a paperboy, rolling Sunday morning newspapers, post-midnight, to Rapture when I was 11 in 1976. Blondie makes me happy and this makes me happy.
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They sound like, uh, Blondie.
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Wife and I saw Blondie open for the Kinks in St. Louis summer of 78. Exceptionally musical and entertaining, but, whew, Clem Burke! Best lead drummer since Keith Moon. They were also passing out those "Blondie is the Name of the Group" buttons at the box office. Always regret not snagging one.
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apparently Debbie Harry has a brand new disco track in the new AMERICAN GODS series like just in case it wasn't completely pandering to me
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And a new single FRAGMENTS

which is

different (very Not glam but Glam Revival)
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