How Candy Stretches Around the World
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These are delightful, but just watching the Nepalese fellow makes my shoulders ache.
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Yeah, no kidding. I think he did the equivalent of about 500 burpees.
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I had, you know, like, shit to do tonight.
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u liek big dezerrrrt? iz gud
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I haven't had sugar in almost 8 months, I don't belong opening any of these, but damnit I did.

Interesting in the American video she mentions that without the machine she was employing she'd be throwing it over a hook (as in the Nepalese video) and called it brutal work. And by the looks of the Nepalese video, it does in fact appear to be pretty exhausting work.
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The Turkish one was mesmerizing.
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Hello yes I would like to put all of these into my mouth, thanks.
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Wait, how can we have a candy pulling video thread without mentioning the previous viral sensations of Lofty Pursuits and their candy pulling hook?
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I love this sort of thing, and have just been sucked into an hour-long youtube spiral. One of my favorites was seeing dragon beard candy being made, both because it's pleasing to watch and because these guys have their patter down.
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The American video claims that the "Brooklyn-based candy factory pulls its taffy the old-school way" and then shows the woman draping the taffy over the hooks of a machine.

I expected to see pairs of human beings with buttered hands working the taffy between the two of them until it reached the point where it was sufficiently stiff to cut into pieces. For children, this typically coincides with the point when the taffy becomes too stiff for them to continue pulling.

That's old school.
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...the demand for taffy in America's beach resorts, the taffy pulling process was ripe for some mechanical disruption. In the course of his research, Professor Thiffeault found close to 200 U.S. patents involving taffy pulling machines and processes... - Inside the epic quest for a more perfect taffy

A Mathematical History Of Taffy Pullers
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I've seen that Dragon Beard one before, but it's worth watching again and again, because yeah. Those men have brung the show.
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Hypnotic, mesmerizing, enchanting.
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When I was a kid, I could watch the salt-water taffy puller at the old Marini's on the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz for hours.
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Delightful--thank you!
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Here's an old school British film of people making British rock. Here's your rock soundtrack.
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My YouTube skillz are failing me, so all I can contribute is the fact I can't find my favourite bit of on-screen taffy pulling - in M. Hulot's Holiday. Understated physical comedic genius (obvs: Tati) all from Hulot getting hypnotised by the sugary goodness's more and more precarious dangling off its hook. I implore you to seek it out.
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Candy pulling in BaƱos, Ecuador
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Contrast between the Nepali video and the others is striking-- most take place in reasonably clean-looking situations... versus the dirty room of the Nepali candy puller (literally, dirt and trash on the walls and in the corners)
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Papabubble - Barcelona
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