Think Globally; Pod Locally
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Crimetown is everything! It's worth a listen for the accents alone.
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*looks through list* Wow, those look awesome and amazing! Lots of history and local culture.

*gets to Washington* Oh. A guy teaching stand-up. Oh.
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I've read a lot of Texas history -- enough to have "opinions," but I have been trying to up my podcast game, & these look like they might be good. Going to give them a shot. Thanks!
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Repping my state: The Office of the State Historian, via New Mexico History dot org, has New Mexico Digital History "podcasts". They're audio recordings of lectures, and visually the podcasts are roughly formatted, linked at the bottom of that page, below a table of blank fields for upcoming lectures.

Scroll down, and there are currently 18 recordings, linked as separate pages with embedded MP3s and vague descriptions, and I'm not sure if you can subscribe to the series anywhere. If you want to download them all (and more) with ease, you can download 25 MP3s here (found by looking at the source code).
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Thank you for this! I'm now riding a bus through Pittsburgh learning about its history, and when I finish those I'm looking forward to learning about Oregon before I move there this summer. Excellent find!
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I will subscribe to all of this.
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Out of the two choices for Ohio, one is Columbus-centric (and appears to only be about goings-on in the city, not, like, super secret awesomeness about the state), and the other originates in Cleveland but from what I can tell by reading the blurbs for the episodes, it's not about Ohio history, it's about all history. Which is not what I was sold, Smithsonian. I am disappoint.

Ohio. Land of no secrets.
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Lore is listed for Massachusetts, but is really about much more -- it's not limited to being just about New England.
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My favorite Oregon history podcast is Kickass Oregon History. They also do a great live show and tours.
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Also, I’m surprised that there’s no mention of Rumble Strip -while it may have taken a bit of a broader turn lately, it’s Vermont in its bones- or TriPod here. I’m still quite excited by this list, but it seems much less definitive than I would expect. (Similarly, I really question the inclusion of S-Town here. It’s about a particular town in Alabama in the way that a Faulkner novel is about a town in Alabama, and including it alongside podcasts of first-person stories and accounts of historic events feels rather deceptive.)
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My favorite Oregon history podcast is Kickass Oregon History.

They just started their 10th season this May. It is going to be about policing in Oregon and holy cow is it fascinating stuff.
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