“tém:éxw” means Earth, or land in Halq’eméylem
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Reporting in Indigenous Communities is a program of the University of British Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism, which focuses on Indigenous news stories and how to report on them in a culturally-nuanced and historically-sensitive manner. Their focus is on some of the Coast Salish First Nations and the Urban Indigenous Communities in and around Vancouver.

Their website contains stories written by student journalists since 2012, each year being thematic. Click the down-arrow at the bottom of the home page to see the archives. Stories from across the archives include Stó:lō Transformer Sites; First LGBTQ+ Group in Squamish; Keeping the Shaker faith alive; Restoring, and hunting, elk populations in Greater Vancouver; Urban sweatlodge and a refugee from El Salvador; and Diabetes control using riceroot.
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Fabulous post, and new to me -- thank you.
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Thanks Rumple - great stuff.

See also, Native American Journalists Association.
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One of their side projects: Helping Journalists Decolonize Journalism.

Also, this is a great checklist/orientation for journalists (especially film makers) working with Indigenous peoples: You're not the Indian I had in mind.
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Reiterating spitbull's sentiment.

As an aside, I am forever fascinated by the consonant sounds in Pacific Northwest native languages (see also Lushootseed).
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