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Dronestagram is like Instagram for -- you guessed it -- international drone photography and videos.
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You forgot Hooza good boy!

my name is wall
and wen you post
and then forget
that dog is most
i find your mail
among the saves
i post the vid
i steal the faves

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Late one night last winter I was kicking around on youtube watching random stuff when I came across a video of a drone going into a rattle snake den in Montana, which, like, I'm extremely snake phobic and knew I shouldn't watch it. And of course I clicked play and sat back, and it was horrible. Probably the most accurate heart attack simulation I've ever experienced, sweating, twitching, heart pounding.

So yeah if you don't like snakes definitely don't watch that video.
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For the past few years, there has also been this dronestagram, that posted aerial footage of the targets of drone strikes.
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