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Blomkamp knows how to create a crunchy mise en scène that leaves the viewer with lots to chew on. No question about it. District 9 and the first half of Elysium were amazing.
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Saw this earlier today. Gripping stuff, and really well shot. Leaves one hungry for a full movie version.
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Now I guess they're going to have to change their amusement park to Seven Flags Over Texas.
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So the society of Texas hasn't changed much but the appearance of the various strata has changed.
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Deeply depressing. Probably will result in a lot of bullets.
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Rakka demonstrates the potential of the studio, especially in the effects department, but lordy did it lean on the crutches of voiceover narration and worn-out tropes. I only made it about halfway through before I strained my cringe muscle and had to stop. But I hope for good things from the studio in the future.
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I didn't have time to finish watching it last night...does Blomkamp ever explain how the aliens are going to transform the atmosphere into a more usable form for the aliens without having to supply the humans they're using for breeding with expensive gas masks?
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Best XCOM fanfilm I've seen.
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Blomkamp's always been brilliant at the sfx, filming action and big sf concepts... plot details, especially endings, and directing actors, not so much.
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Lede buried - Sigourney Weaver shows up eight minutes in.
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However, I'm super-leery of the whole 'we unite against alien invaders/killer robots' subgenre. It always seems to provide lots of opportunities for us to do a species-wide recreation of WWII European resistance movements, but with an extra-dose of 'they hate us for our freedoms' and 'having guns and fighting fer our liberties in our tacticool bug-out rigs is what makes us worthwhile humans' layered on top. Plus conveniently Othered bad guys who we can shoot without compunction.

And meanwhile we can ignore the actual things that might kill us, like methane off gassing.

I blame Independence Day and Battlefield Earth.
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Also this thing was 20 minutes long and they still managed to have a Disposable Black Grunt killed. Ugh.
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So it's a bit like "V" if the reptilians had decided to stop fucking around and get right down to conquering the planet with a maximum of Grand Guignol and body horror. As usual, alien motivational structures don't make a lot of sense. Nailing thousands of screaming humans to the Eiffel Tower is so over the top even the id Software folks might tell Blomkamp to cool it a bit.

I gather from the interview that they're here because We're Special: we have the ability, which they lack, to see those vaporous angelic beings that make a brief appearance. This bit feels recycled from "Dark City", where it was the human capacity to dream that made the aliens want to poke around in our brains. Always seems like it would have been cheaper to stick with the tried and true approach of kidnapping a few hundred marginal people who wouldn't be missed for these sorts of experiments, but I guess if you can travel the starways just to terraform worlds into your own personal torture garden, you might as well do it.
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Great visuals. The "plot" is a jumble of explosions and cliches. Still, I hope SyFy or someone will pick this up.
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Neill Blomkamp & Sigourney Weaver. This might be good but I hope Blomkamp hasn't drawn too much from Falling Skies.
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Cooking With Bill - Damasu 950

yeah, think I've seen this joke before
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And here's another one, more an intro that an whole film but I'd like to see a feature based on this idea

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