Trap Streets, Ghost Words, and Mountweazel - see: Fictious entries
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Fictitious or fake entries are deliberately fabricated items and listings in reference works such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, and other directories. There are terms for specific types of entry, such as trap or paper streets, paper towns and phantom settlements, phantom islands, ghost words (nihilartikel), and specifically, (Lillian Virginia) Mountweazel. Fictitious entries are included either as a humorous hoax or as a copyright trap to reveal subsequent plagiarism or copyright infringement, unlike intentional forgeries or unintentional mistakes. Except, sometimes those fake things are real, in a way. For example, Londonist found some "real" trap streets, and Urban Ghosts Media identified two almost-real phantom settlements.
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15 years later, wikipedia is still the greatest site on the internet
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Following through from the Wikipedia entry, don't miss Rhinogradentia, an adorable and absurd fictitious order of mammal.
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For those looking for more on Argleton:

BBC comedian/writer/panel show host Steve Punt (also half of the comedy duo Punt & Dennis , alongside Hugh Dennis), had a BBC radio series investigating odd things called Punt, PI.

He did an episode on Argleton (itunes link here, as it does not appear to be currently available from the BBC Radio 4 website)
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Not trap streets, but totally sound like they should be : Trump Street and Russia Row, in London.
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Quite interesting!
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As a Philip myself, I have always hated the false Columbo fact. No, I sneer, that is in fact a false trivia item inserted for copyright protection; I don't have the same name as he did.
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The link to ghost words/nihilartikel spawned endless junk windows on my phone.
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On these streets, one finds the long home of Mr Borges, Mr Eco.
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