Bowling for Columbine
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Bowling for Columbine "The concept is that violence is just another all-American sport," says the source. "In a bizarre way, it sort of lets the shooters off the hook, saying that they’re just part of a culture of violence."
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i've always thought a culture of ignorance.
posted by moz at 9:20 AM on May 1, 2002

I'm not sure how to respond to this post. The article provides little detail about the film and how its subject matter is presented. Instead we get a few sentences from an unnamed "insider," who opines that it shifts blame away from the killers. I've seen a few scenes from this film, and that's not the message I took away. But that's just another opinion. The problem is that the article doesn't provide enough information for folks who have not seen this film (which, since it's not even finished, I imagine includes most everyone) to form their own opinions, and discuss them here. Or maybe the intent is just to talk about violence (and passing the buck) being "American pastimes," outside of the context of the film?
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er... not to mention that it's a gossip column...
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I tried emailing Moore about it. Believe it or not on occasion I've actually gotten a response from a real live human at his addy. However this time I got my email returned: mailbox full. I'm sure when Moore's ready to go public about it, he'll post it on his website. Depending on MSNBC to give valid information about Moore is like asking Daffy Duck to say something positive about Bugs Bunny.
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AICN has three looks at early cuts of the film, one here and two here.

...Dick Clark?
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Mr. Moore is a dolt. One slightly humorous flick eons ago which now seems incredibly dated. Today his sophomoric rants are entirely unwatchable.
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