Peter and Paul, or Heaven and Hell
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Peter and Paul, or Heaven and Hell "What is this mess?" said the angel. "Unfold those scraps and put them together." A new twist on the old heaven-and-hell paper-folding trick, and a survey of various versions over the past century. [via mefi projects]
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Declared righteous!
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…but Paul had made sure that Peter was holding his piece upside-down, and when Saint Peter saw the inverted cross he scowled and said, "You shall join your companion in the realm where this cross reigns!"

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So St. Peter invites them both to chill at his place? That's awful nice of him.
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Paper folding + jokes, I love it!
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Johnny Wallflower,
Funny thing is, the cross of Peter is an inverted Latin cross, as when he was crucified, he did not feel worthy to be crucified the same as Christ, and requested to be inverted.

You can find pictures of the recent Popes and an inverted cross. It is a silly thing to think of it as Satanic.
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Paper folding + jokes, I love it!

Yeah, this really hit a sweet spot for me, too. I wonder if there is anything similar with a more secular outcome.
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