Thrifted Transformations
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I posted ReFashionista, and recently bookmarked Refashion Revision as a possible MeFi post, but since this is here, I'll just throw the link in here instead. It's another YouTube channel of refashions -- she does a fair bit or her kids, which is interesting.
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Ooh, this is cool. I used to do T-shirt reconstruction, but I find it really hard to cut up regular fabric instead of T-shirts (the fabric can behave in all kinds of ways). It's interesting how she details all the areas where she messed up or should have done something over again differently, I wouldn't have expected that.

Hey April, I've got a dress you could alter for me....
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I also appreciated the parts where she talked about making a mistake and going back to fix it, or changing her mind on the fly and altering her plan to accommodate the change. The newer videos are more instructional, with a little more narration about what she's doing and why.

Also, I liked that at least some of the videos take clothes that she already owns and wears and which already fit her, and turns them into something else that she likes better. That seems to be more of a virtuoso talent than taking large thriftshop clothes and basically using them for the raw fabric.
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Timely post! I've recently acquired a bunch of too-big-for-me t-shirts from sports things, and I really want to turn one of them into a dress. I have so many good intentions when it comes to t-shirt reconstruction but I'm always afraid of messing it up somehow.

This 2-in-1 Belle costume is magical.
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I did a post not that long ago about a guy who makes those sorts of transforming dresses.
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... taking large thriftshop clothes and basically using them for the raw fabric.

Holy shit, and this also seems unbelievably cruel, too!
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