And somehow, Ashton Kutcher is involved.
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Hey, remember Chicken Soup for the Soul? Well, it's about to go public. It's not technically an IPO, but a "Regulation A+" offering, which Jezebel calls "closer to crowdfunding and more like a Kickstarter" than a traditional IPO.
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How will this affect my line of prepared foods for rodents, Chicken Soup for the Vole?
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So, what started a crowdsourced series (Wikipedia summarizes "the first book, like most subsequent titles in the series, consisted of inspirational true stories about ordinary people's lives") is now expanding to become the next UpWorthy and ViralNova, again "crowdsourcing" its material? A Plus indeed!
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Or my line of government issued foodstuffs aimed at dystopian-totalitarian-communist states, 'Chicken' Soup for the Prole?*

*Has always been sold as Victory Soup in Oceania.
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I feel like the slew of these books that I got as gifts ca. 7th-10th grade really helped me get over religion.
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This is the perfect place to inform the world that there is such thing as Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food. I got their dog treats in a barkbox a few months ago. It was pretty weird, but hey, my dog liked them.
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There is a line of specialty fertilizer for cotton farmers.

It is called Chicken Poop for the Boll.

Try the veal.
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Beat to the pet food comment by R a c h e l; seeing that in the pet store a few years ago made me feel like I was having a breakdown and I had to take a picture and post it online so others could let me know if I was going mad or not.

In a world where a Brand™ can become president, this all makes perfect sense.
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Chicken Soup for Dummies. Synergy!
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That MBMBaM is funny, but I was honestly expecting "Potato Soup for the Spirit" to be a reference to vodka. Seems kinda obvious, doesn't it? Potato Spirit for the Soul is more accurate, but maybe too on the nose.
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also try my consommé-based remedy for sore feet, Chicken Soup for the Sole
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/derail Aw, I thought this was about an early 90s website which I also thought was called chicken soup for the soul. Does anyone remember what it was actually called? Back then I asked google (or altavista..) some existential questions and found a site was all positive advice, cheesy motivational posters, but actually did something to keep me going. I emailed this lady who was making it to thank her, pretty sure her name was Lolly or Lollie. She wrote she was recovering from depression and was making this site out of a trailer in a friend's back garden... ah early internet.
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I will vigorously defend against any attempt to infringe on my patented system for protecting the hulls of boats in shallow waters, Thickened Sloop for the Shoal.
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