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Détour — A very short film by Michel Gondry, shot on an iPhone. In French, with English subtitles. (via Alas, a Blog)

Michael Gondry previously, 1, 2,
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Apparently all in French, but that's okay, right?

Also, that is an entirely charming little film. Things got dusty and then they got dusty again and I really should hire a housecleaning company.
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The tricycle was creepy, IMHO. Rod Serling would be proud.
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I did find all the implied slaughter of those who stood in the tricycle's way to be a bit disturbing.
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"Shot on smartphones!". Technically, yes. Gondry has been very honest about how the movie was made and it was obviously fun to do but still: it required a bunch of "additional hardware and software" (grips, steadicam, filters, external microphone, Avid software) and a 20-people crew that included a experienced DP with 50 movie credits.
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Man, these autonomous vehicle AIs... it's almost as if they can... feel.
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Every day is your birthday, my little one

Give me Michel Gondry afterworld
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