Food for Soul
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In the summer of 2015 Massimo Bottura, the acclaimed chef behind the three-Michelin-star restaurant Osteria Francescana, began a new project. Located in an abandoned theater in Milan, he invited artists and designers to transform the space into a welcoming place to share a meal. He also invited other world-class chefs like Rene Redzepi, Viviana Varese, Alex Atala, Ana Ros, Joan Roca and Daniel Humm to come create menus that changed daily. The result: Refettorio Ambrosiano. The mission: feed the hungry using food that would otherwise go to waste.

The project initially coincided with Expo 2015, which had a theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, but continues under the governance of Caritas Ambrosiana, a member of larger Caritas network of Catholic charities. The success of Refettorio Ambrosiano led to Food for Soul, a non-profit to address the issue of food waste through the creation of community kitchens around the world. The organization has already helped launch two more Refettorio projects – Refettorio Gastromotiva in Rio de Janiero and Refettorio Felix in London – and has more planned.

Theater of Life, a feature-length documentary about Refettorio Ambrosiano, was recently made available on Netflix. The film follows Bottura and some of the chefs who helped with the project, and profiles several people who ate there during the course of the Expo.
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Netflix Chef's Table featured his (regular) restaurant story a few years ago.
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It's a wonderful project, but I'm not sure the documentary was entirely effective. Well worth a watch, though.

I've always been fascinated about cooking with "scraps". The wastED project is working with discarded food and food parts, and is attracting chefs of the same calibre.
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