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enough commercials, back to the program - warning - don't click if you don't like bugs, especially eating bugs
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So many washed up American actors...
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Cool tip, if you turn the sound off and put on a W. G. Sebald audiobook it turns into Sans Soleil
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34 minutes of Japanese TV food commercials from 1975-1985

Don't miss the ad for Creap (six minutes in)!
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“Oh, hello, American investor. I see you are interested in distributing Mr. Sparkle in you home prefecture. You have chosen wisely. But please - don't believe me. Observe this commercial.”
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It's a treat to see the evolution of these commercials as the bubble economy ripens in the mid-1980s, and companies toss money hither and yon. More everything. More one-off shots of exotic scenery in foreign locales; more gaijin actors, like James Coburn, hired for extended campaigns; more slickness in production all around. The ads from liquor companies like Suntory, which are almost dreamlike in their quiet depiction of nature, picked up a lot of awards in competitions.

Also, in the mid-eighties, Sony was everywhere, dominating the TV and VCR equipment markets. Along with a few other companies, they spearheaded consumer technology in home video production. In just a few years, video went from a passive entertainment to something that people could create and edit themselves, using camcorders and VCRs. (The end result of this, of course, is 4K video on smartphones.)
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. . . And that beer-pounding actor on the ship at the 8.02 mark in this video is none other than Toshiro Mifune, looking worse for wear as he approaches his later years. Not sure if a booze commercial is an appropriate venue for Mifune, who loved to indulge in his tipple. At this point his movie-making days with Kurosawa are probably long over, after an acrimonious split, and his international stardom was past its peak. He'd still show up in secondary roles in movies, however, always crushing whatever part came his way.
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When I first got to Japan, and checked in to my hotel, seems like it was hours before I could tear myself away from the TV, because of the commercials. And back home, stateside, I'm cable-free and don't even own a TV (mostly, because of the commercials).
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When I was teaching college in Taiwan in 1977-78, we all used to crowd into the Japanese Department's TV room so we could watch broadcasts (Taiwanese TV was dreadful). It was like looking into the future; we'd never seen anything like it (except, of course, the Japanese), and the ads were especially amazing.
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I had expected the title's crack about vaporwave to be somewhere between a half-baked idea and a snark. But no, of course not, vaporwave-Japanese-commercial is (was?) already an actual video genre, if a small one. Example.
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Smash TVs Memorex is the pretty much the peak of music/TV commercial mashup (even if it skews chillwave rather than vaporwave).
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