Some stories just warm the heart.
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Some stories just warm the heart. From oil rags to black gold riches, a struggling club ekes out its way by hiring its first black manager. Luckily local news is on the story.
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It also just occurred to me, that I'd lived in Denver for 25 years of my life and never heard of this place.

Struggle no more dear Denver oilman institution. Toil no more laboring denizens of Denver. This story must reach the small and the large, that the Pinnacle Club bears no relation to the Denver Petroleum Club, now that:

"(the club) wants to mirror the image of this city"
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A couple of interesting points here. The first is that a family friend moved out to Denver in the early 80s, to follow her husband's academic career; she's a concert cellist and instructor. After a couple of years she insisted that she move away to restart her own career, which she did in a distant city, mainly because "Denver is just an overgrown cow town". This story has not deprived me of this impression (and sorry).

Second, I was intrigued by the idea that they'd market themselves to puppy yuppies as a coffee-shop alternative, especially for computer use. Lots of people talk about how they'd love to do this but they understandably can't trust their laptop to strangers. A membership club, on the other hand ... any chance of a return to 19th century society?
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I think there is another layer of society that most of us don't get to see, and that stays hidden because they don't want anyone else to see it. There are clubs like this in any city. Portland, OR has its University Club, right smack dab in the middle of downtown next to the newspaper office in a neat old building. I live next to the Multnomah Athletic Club (50k refundable initiation bond for a family or individulal), which is part gym and part social circle. I'll bet there's more -- and I know a helluva lot about this city.

The article was poorly written, from my POV, because it explained a lot and allowed the pinnacle club to say very little. Are they employing a token black to show that they're all so politically correct and diverse, or are they doing it because he's a good guy and he's going to do great stuff for the club?
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