“Stalin didn't like anything that made people dance,”
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X-ray records of the Soviet Union.
Back in London, he tried it on his record player. “It was obviously an X-ray, but also a record. I played it and I found out it was a 78 RPM: it was 'Rock around the Clock',” Coates tells me. “I obviously decided to find out more about this.”
By Gian Maria Volpicelli in the New Statesman
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This topic has been covered before, but not with that article.
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I dispute the premise of the headline. Exhibit A.
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Another previously.
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The Vinyl Factory made a mini-documentary on the topic, you can watch it here.

Also, in case you want your own x-ray LP, apparently Blank City Records will be releasing LPs on x-rays.
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My first time reading about it. Fascinating stuff!
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Very cool aesthetic-- I'm surprised some band hasn't imitated the look on their records yet.
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