"Eight spices?! Some must be doubles. Or-a-gano? What the hell?!"
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Binging with Babish is a cooking show "dedicated to discovering what the delectable (and occasionally horrible) foods from fiction actually taste like." The website includes both video and written instructions for recipes such as Chocolate Babka (Seinfeld) and Blood Pie (Game of Thrones). More videos, like The Moistmaker (Friends) and Tampopo Ramen (Tampopo) can be found on his YouTube channel. Bonus: Title reference.
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I can vouch that his take on Kevin's Famous Chili is amazing. (Although I admittedly did not eat it off the carpet.)
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Related to this is one of my favorite series, Chiodini's Kitchen from Eurogamer, where one of their staff applies the same treatment to video-game food. It turns out to be delicious more often than you'd expect.
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Would love to see someone try to bring off the awful wine jellies from Gravity's Rainbow.
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Eggs Woodhouse for Good was a highlight for us (and it short, if you're just looking for a taste of Babish).

A fan favourite was Twin Peaks Pancakes & Coffee and the followup Black Yukon Sucker Punch featuring the cross-over in the male-torso-with-velvet-voice-over-foodie-show genre that everyone had been clamoring for.

It's amazing that Andrew hasn't been posted about before. He's rapidly become one of our must-watches on the tubes
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i went in looking for the goodfella's prison cooking scene and was not disappointed, what a good channel
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"Pfft, like Monica would use stuffing from a box, cranberry sauce from a can- OH YOU GOT ME BABISH"
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"Now, we're obviously not going to be using real blood"

Me: "Why?!"

"Of course we are, fresh pigs blood"

Us: "Yaaaaay!"
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I successfully entertained my in-laws last week with a Binging With Babish marathon. For folks who don't use youtube as tv like we do, it was a real novelty.

My mother in law was like, ooh, did he do the fancy pastry from Grand Budapest Hotel that's my favorite movie and I was so delighted to go yes, he totally did.
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It's amazing that Andrew hasn't been posted about before

I know! I was so excited I made it a tag.
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My daughter and I made his Il Timpano after she saw that video! [Pictures!] However, instead of binging on Frasier while we made it, we listened to Hamilton instead. It was still delicious.
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I love him! Been meaning to do a post. He has a Patreon, a book coming in October, and did a Reddit AMA.
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Made his take on Apple Pie. First pie, great pie, hooked.
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I have repeatedly heard people in the UK pronounce "oregano" the way Marge does in that clip, and can never work out if I'm being trolled.
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