I'm annoyed. Just shut up. Who came up with this damned day anyway?
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Did you know September 24th is World Cassowary Day? We all need to think more like Cassowaries Why not meet Snitty in his gig as an annoyed Australian psephologist. And to finish up this glorious day. Just how dangerous are Cassowaries anyway?
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Cassowaries are also a vital part of any Aviary of Doom.

yes I am also disappointed that clip doesn't include everyone's reaction to "aviary of doom" but it's the only one I could find
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What was the cassowary doing in an El Paso aerie?

Drinking a margarita, senorita.
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Oh man, cassowaries are one of my favorite ratites, and I had no idea today is cassowary day! Thanks for the heads up! I will celebrate in part by not flying.
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Just how dangerous are Cassowaries anyway?

Dangerous enough that there's a popular saying: Kiwi in the streets, cassowary in the sheets

or something like that
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If you're disemboweling partners during sex, you're doing it wrong.
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Let us all don our bony helmets that we may butt throught the celebratory underbrush and the occasional sheep fence.
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The only animal more vicious than dropbears.
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At least you can outrun a dropbear.
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