Two short fantasies / fairy tales of architecture / urbanism
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"The View from the Top of the Stair" by E. Lily Yu (Hazlitt, 2017): "Upon hearing of the death of my father ... my second thought, I am sorry to say, was that at long last I could gratify my passion for stairs." "Blue Funk" by Rikki Ducornet (Fairy Tale Review, 2006; recently posted online): "People love my city for its brasseries like hothouses, ardent and perverse, its breezes that smell of coffee and of the sea. But when I am in my blue funk I see nothing of all this."
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These are the sort of short stories that make me wish for more, while knowing that if they were longer or explained more then they wouldn't be as good.
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Yeah, these are fantastic. And you are too, Wobbuffet. All of your posts have given me something great to read. Thanks!
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Oh, those were both a delight. My partner and I call short satisfying things like this (whether it's fiction or fact or art or music or whatever) "brain candy". That was some excellent brain candy.
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