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The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers is proud to announce the winners of the 2017 Image of the Year Competition [NSFW].
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Does anyone know the story behind 039?
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Oh thank you! I look forward to this every year, and it brings so much joy.
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On 039: After googling: the man in the picture is the child's father, and he has stage four cancer.
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Eponysadjective - the post below this is titled "Into the Great Wide Open".
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On 039: After googling: the man in the picture is the child's father, and he has stage four cancer.

Had, unfortunately.

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These are beautiful. Good share and quite timely. We needed these today.
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I thought it said "bird photographers" and was just about to open it at work so thank god for NSFW tags.
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Bird birth
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There are so many incredible stories in these photos. The perfect purple and white twist cord. The gorgeous marine blue cord. The en cauls, including the award-winning posterior vaginal birth one. The vbac with twins! The surrogates! The footling breeches. The amazing array of head moulding. The mother labouring with cancer. The father on the iPad because he's deployed. The twins! The tandem nursing.

Every birth really is a miracle; every birth really is the most important birth ever.

Yes I went through all of the submissions...
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Gorgeous, moving photos. The titles are rather trite. I guess when you have an image that powerful, best to let it speak for itself.

Thanks for this beautiful post!
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009 "Pieces of me" is such an amazing photo, I adore it. The messy hospital bed, the contrast between the naturalness of the baby and mom and the clinical blood pressure cuff and IV line, and at the bottom the massive placenta...just rad.
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Oh gosh. These are so beautiful, but I could look at 025 for a real long time today.
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Kind of jealous - I'm just old enough to have been born before cameras in the delivery room, so the oldest picture of me is the “cleaned up and in a blanket like a burrito” variety. To this day, nobody can tell my newborn-in-a-blanket picture and my sister’s apart; not even Mom, who, one is informed, was there.
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Fantastic pictures, thanks very much for sharing.
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Love at First Sight

God I love birth photos. Happy tears.
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Professional Birth Photographers

I originally read that as Bird Photographers. I was so confused...
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I'd been a photojournalist of 20 years when a friend asked me to photograph her in childbirth.
I thanked her for asking, expressed how deeply honored I was, and said "But no."

Birth may be magic, but I can't imagine photographing it. Even these beautiful photos are hard to look at.

Kudos top those who are strong enough and sensitive enough to shoot images like these, but my gut reaction is still "Yikes. No,"

Side note: I pretty surprised that the people in them were willing to share them with the entire planet.
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