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Recently, there have been a host of websites that delight in exposing the inanity and stupidity of our society. There is the granddaddy, Overheard in New York, which recounts silly conversations heard in the Big Apple, as well as a host of similar sites. There are now a variety of such websites, dedicated to different aspects of our society.

First, there are the ones targeted at different groups: STFU, Marrieds, STFU, Parents, STFU, Believers, and My Roommate is Such a Dick.

Then, there are the ones that expose the silliness and inanity in our communications: Texts From Last Night, My Drunk Texts, Passive Aggressive Notes, and Lamebook.

Relationships and sex loom large as well: Disgusting People I Have Made Out With, Why My Ex Sucks, and I Bang the Worst Dudes.

Finally, there is just plain bad luck or failure: F My Life and FAIL Blog.

Bonus: Awkward Family Photos and Hot Chicks With Douchebags
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Okay, granted, the title "Disgusting People I Have Made Out With" probably should have clued me in, but that site needs a NSFW warning. Geeze.
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Everything is subject to mockery. I'm quite fond of Ugliest Tattoos.
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Does what it says on the tin. That's quite a collection of schadenfreude-laden sites.

Agreed with MidAtlantic that "Disgusting eople" needs an NSFW tag. I expected pimply or passed-out drunk or with bad teeth, not a bondage photo.
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Needs healthcare discussion highlights.
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The man who feel asleep - conversations overheard on the London Underground, since 2002.
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Psychotic Letters From Men is another good one.
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Oh geez, a few of those posts on STFU, Marrieds are kind of pathetic. It seems the joke is often little more than "look at them overposting on their facebook profile!" Why the hell is that worth making a fuss about?

Seriously, people care way too much about stuff like that. Friend of mine had his Twitter account linked to his Facebook and was retweeting the Iran election, so his whole Facebook was full of that stuff for a while. It was a little silly, but the cussing out he received over it was way out of proportion. When you can block what people are saying just do that and leave them be.
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Two I'm fond of:

Not Always Right is a collection of interactions between store employees and their customers.

It's only updated annually these days, but Computer Stupidities is a collection of "dumb tech support callers."
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So one of my friends sent me an IM a few months ago saying "You've got to check out this hilarious site" with the link to Awkward Family Photos. I was in the middle of a conference call, so I just saved the link to a document of things to check out later.

Two days later, work was pretty slow so I pulled up the document and decided to check out the hilarious site that my friend sent me.

I read the first two photo captions and am laughing pretty hard at that point. I scroll down to the third picture and I see a picture of my aunt and her boyfriend staring at me. NO. FUCKING. WAY. I zoom in on the picture just to REALLY check out the faces. Yes, that is 100% without a doubt my mother's sister. But maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. I call my mom's cell phone:
Me: MOM! Do you have computer access?

Mom: No, I'm at work right now. Why? What's wrong?

Me: As soon as you get home, check your email. I think your sister is on this website filled with funny pictures.
I NEED confirmation that I'm not crazy, so I decide to call my sister, who just happens to be home and on a computer.
Me: Pull up this website!! *gives her URL*

Sister: What is this?

Me: Just look at the picture, read the caption, then scroll down and repeat.

Sister: Um.. ok. Ha ha. Pretty funny, but I still don't see OHMIGOD THAT'S AUNT name redacted!


Sister: Did you put this up there?

Me: I haven't seen them in YEARS, and I've certainly never seen this picture. I swear it wasn't me.

Sister: I'm calling her! This is too funny.
So she calls our aunt who FLIPS the fuck out. She ends up emailing the webmaster and getting the picture pulled.

Anyway, that story was posted as my way of saying thank you to Awkward Family Photos for getting me to call my mother. She couldn't complain about me never calling her for that month.
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I'm a fan of Tweeting to Hard.
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Thanks to my sis telling me about it, I was just checking out Texts From Last Night for the Dallas area code and at the top of the list found

(214): i just renamed my vag "the sorting hat"

Oh. Oh dear.
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This is something I would read every day if I wanted to be a hermit.
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I really didn't believe that anything could outbore the NYT Metropolitan Diary, but thank you, 'nets, you've brought self-important reportage to a new low. Onward & downward.
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Overheard in Burbia
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Okay, granted, the title "Disgusting People I Have Made Out With" probably should have clued me in, but that site needs a NSFW warning.

For its colour scheme, I think it needs a NSFEyeballs warning.
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I've met so many people who have told me that they've seriously seen stuff they've said show up on Overheard in NY, seriously. I have so far resisted the urge to point out that it's not because they were actually overheard, but because in a city of 10 million people it's pretty common for people to be having the same exact conversation as you just a few subway cars down.
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These overheards are great fun because we read (and we are much superior) what silly (them) people say, or slip up in saying. Makes us laugh and also feel superior. Why not run tape and record what you say throughout the day? Any better?
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Ooh I love these. Thanks.

Also, Vanity Plates: Creepiness in 8 Characters or Less
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I said what hermitosis said and you overheard it.
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MeFiting too hard, lawl.
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That bad tattoo blog is pretty funny.
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There's always
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Oh, god, the vanity plates site is brilliant. Laughing too hard!
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lol, Afroblanco is #22 on tweetingtoohard atm: "I'm too cool for twitter". Uh huh!
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Finally, there is just plain bad luck or failure: F My Life

Snobs might say it lost something in spirit ... a certain je ne sais quoi ... in translation from the original French.
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F My Life is a regular waste of time for me, even though I'm positive some of them are made up.

It's refreshing to see other people who are suffering more than I am.

Overheard in NYC is hilarious as well.
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Don't forget
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... a certain je ne sais quoi ...

Ah, as always, how much more expressive is the original french! Whereas fuck my life is an active verbal process implying the deliberate fucking of one's life, vie de merde is a purely descriptive statement, a lament that one's life is composed of shit, without the unnecessary additional condemnation of fucking it further.
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Texts From Last Night is one of my favorite things on the entire internet (though NSFW if anyone was wondering).

(215): i got kicked out of Barns and Nobles cuz i put all the bibles in the fiction section
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Not Always Right is awesome.
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via? :)
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There's also There, I Fixed It, my personal favorite.
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Curse you, Texts From Last Night! Some things, you can't un-know.
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"If it wasn't for my horse, I would never have spent that year in college."
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This post reminded me of In Passing (RIP), which might have started this whole thing in retrospect...
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I love this, and don't even know why:

(918): Five things that make you perfect. Go.
(1-918): The skin of a dead hooker. The blood of the innocent. The soul of a kitten. The hat from cat in the hat. And sunglasses.

I'd forgotten what a great time-waster Texts from Last Night is.
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Not Always Right is just too close to home. Deal with that shit every day at work. But thanks for the post.
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As long as we're having a bout of "what's good from Texts From Last Night," for me it has to be "I'm not going to blow you while you look at fish on the internet." I mean, in what context is this sort of shit going down in people's sex lives?
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On the other hand, there is a site that I'm growing increasingly fond of called Gives Me Hope, which is self-described as 'like F My Life, but for optimists'.

Granted, not every post is really that inspiring, but many of them are quite moving; it's a good dose of 'the world is not completely composed of stupid and malicious people'.
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MeFiting too hard, lawl.

lol, Afroblanco is #22 on tweetingtoohard atm: "I'm too cool for twitter". Uh huh!

To be fair, Afroblanco has stated that that's not him.
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Gives Me Hope is fantastic. Thank you, Han Tzu.

This is one that got me. "I suffer from severe depression. I try to keep that part of me away from friends because I'm worried they'll judge me for it. After revealing this to a dear friend via email, he went silent. I went to bed feeling worse than ever. Early the next morning, there was a knock at the door. He had driven all night to see me, just to give me a hug. GMH."
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One of my STFU-related faves:, especially the End User Phrase of the Day page
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I have to say, I find all of it makes me a little sick in my soul. I enjoy these for a couple of minutes and then, I realize, even if 50% are fake, 50% are a testament to some sad parts of the human condition.

I think it's ridiculous that we enjoy this...enough that I"m sharing the link that I always use to clear my head of such stuff: my life is average
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Not Always Right just did a massive drive-by trojan attack on my work computer which is now completely fucked because we use fucking McAfee, which is shit. ARGHH.
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