Just shut up I need to craft this park bench for the owl ok?
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Nintendo releases details of the new Animal Crossing game, which has soft-launched in Australia (for others). This is the first time the series, which started on the Nintendo 64, has officially appeared on non-Nintendo devices. In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you are a camp manager for some familiar animals and maybe others? Players - with customizable skin color (previously) - now live in a camper van. But there's still a big loan to repay, owing thousands of bells to three penguin brothers. Subtle humor appears to have been retained, as has fishing, and connecting with friends. Initial reaction has been positive, though the freemium feature for accelerating progression has drawn critique from e.g. the Nookerati and the designer of Tempest. [Post title and wallpaper]

Techcrunch: "As Nintendo continues to mount an impressive comeback, today the company has announced its next title coming to smartphones, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The cult classic title where players live amongst the animals and live a generally chill existence (while feeding Tom Nook’s capitalist machine) is coming in November to iOS and Android.

More than a few fans of the franchise were skeptical that Nintendo would pay proper respect to the quiet and refreshing series with its mobile offering. Unlike Mario’s port to smartphones, Pocket Camp appears to be more like the console version than any existing mobile game genre."

Techradar: "In a mechanic that’s reminiscent of the cat collecting hit, Neko Atsume, it’s your job to fill this camp with furniture and items that’ll make it pleasant and draw in animals to come and visit you there. "

Kotaku: "What’s new here is that you’re not just collecting items to sell, you’re gathering them to craft, because that’s what Pocket Camp’s economy (both in-game and in the real world) is based on."

Engadget: "To be able to build a new pool or a playground, you'll have to find crafting items and wait until they're finished. Now, here's how Nintendo intends to make money from the game: you can purchase those items and speed up the facilities' construction with Tom Nook's help by paying with Leaf Tickets, which you can earn inside the game or buy using real money."

Toucharcade: "One design choice that I'm sure will be needlessly controversial is the various timers in the game. When you shake a fruit tree there's a three hour timer before the fruit respawns. Ordering furniture (or, crafting, more accurately) also has an associated timer, and other characters rotate in and out of your Pocket Camp on a three hour timer. It's easy to look at this and be like, "Argh I knew Nintendo was going to ruin Animal Crossing on mobile!!!" However, when you really think about it, Animal Crossing has always been a freemium style game - you just paid anywhere between $40 to $60 for it."

Business Insider: "It may sound boring on paper, but the "Animal Crossing" series is a huge hit for Nintendo. The last two games in the series sold over 11 million units apiece. Moreover, it's the type of game that players stick with - there are live events in-game that correspond to real world holidays, for instance - which makes it an especially good fit on mobile."
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Not sure if it's an accidental social commentary, but even in Animal Crossing, the dream of home ownership now seems beyond people...
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Switching back to Animal Crossing after playing Stardew Valley feels like a step backwards, at least for me.

Also, I have an Animal Crossing game in progress on my 3DS that I haven't touched base with in more than 4 years. I'm pretty certain the town is a mess, everything and everyone must be dead. I dare not open it up again. Too much guilt at this point.
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I played the GameCube version nearly every day for a calendar year, then left it for a few years. Went back, and I see to recall ... a heck of a lot of weeding needed to be done ...
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Went back, and I see to recall ... a heck of a lot of weeding needed to be done ...

“I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.”
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Fizz, I didn't play the Game Cube version for seven years. No one died, although Peaches wasn't as angry about not getting her camera back for 444 weeks as I thought she would be :D
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I feel like that is a kind of hell. Not sure if it's my hell or theirs. Some time passes for your citizens, not a lot, not enough to be of concern, but just enough to let some weeds grow and for you to have to replant some trees. I think maybe it's just on me. Essentially you're their town God. They've been waiting all this time for you to come back. There's something so terrifying about this power dynamic.
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For those outside of Australia wanting to play right now (via the "others" link) - are you linking your Nintendo Account? I'm very confused on what that means, and whether doing so would screw me over when the game eventually comes out in the US.
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So the same way Avengers Academy makes money.
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I've been really excited about this because I just want some new KK Slider jams, but it looks like he's not in the game? Nor Brewster? At least there's fishing.
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According to the Kotaku link, K.K. Slider is the first character you see... but it's not clear whether or not he's got songs.
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When you shake a fruit tree there's a three hour timer before the fruit respawns.

Not enthusiastic about freemium games generally, but previous AC games make you wait a real true calendar day for new fruits and restocking of the store and whatnot. Unless you cheat and risk incurring the wrath of the Resetti brothers.

... And I guess with a phone there's external verification of system time, so cheating would have to take a different form. Huh.

Every now and then I feel a bit guilty about leaving my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town unvisited, and I know that when I come back it'll just be an exclamation of "you were gone for XXX weeks! I'm glad you're OK!" from my neighbors (adjust for personality) and maybe some of them will have moved. ACNL has the excellent feature of auto-weeding, so it should look more or less as I left it a couple years ago.
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Oldie but a saddie. (SLYT)
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(adjust for personality)

An angry creature, seemingly the offspring of an emu and an ostrich, bounds towards you.

"Where the fuck have you been and where's my present?" it demands, as it starts to ferociously peck your head.
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Essentially you're their town God. They've been waiting all this time for you to come back. There's something so terrifying about this power dynamic.

Can any of these animals truly consent to sitting on your crafted park bench?
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I see this discussed endlessly on my social media feeds and I don't want to be rude there, so I'll ask here - why is this game so popular amongst adults? is it part of the perpetual childhood culture?
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I am so looking forward to this. Don't have my DS game anymore. If anyone bought it at GameStop, they have to contend with my weedy, everyone-moved-while-I-was-gone town.

This will be so much better than my old tomagachi.
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is it part of the perpetual childhood culture?

The only way I can read this is, "Is it because you're all babies who won't grow up and stop playing video games?" which is a shitty thing to bring to a conversation, particularly a thing people are enjoying.

Did you mean this another way?
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Animal Crossing is a game about having a tedious job and buying furniture. It's probably the most adult game I know.
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It's true. Kids LOVE mortgages! :o)
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The only way I can read this is, "Is it because you're all babies who won't grow up and stop playing video games?" which is a shitty thing to bring to a conversation, particularly a thing people are enjoying.

Did you mean this another way?

I meant, what's the attraction for adults to a thing designed for kids, which is very much a thing these days.
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Why are we talking about Harry Potter?
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why is this game so popular amongst adults?

For people on the younger side of 'adult' there may be some nostalgia involved. But beyond that, it's typically been a well-done series, a standout in its class. It's casual enough that players of all ages can enjoy it; it doesn't demand a great deal of dexterity or skill or hours of playtime; its mechanics tie into times of day and changing seasons, keeping players engaged even as time passes; there's humour, wit, surprise, cute animals. There's a good grind/reward ratio. The gathering and crafting aspects are soothing and meditative, for people who are into that kind of thing -- a lot of games include those tasks as mini-games, but for people who want to skip combat and just do those tasks and wander around, AC fills a niche. There's a level of personalisation. You can build relationships, of a sort, in the game. It ticks a lot of boxes for a lot of different types of gamers.

I'm not sure it makes sense to think of it as 'designed for kids,' exactly? It's not grimdark or skill-heavy, but lacking an M-for-Mature rating doesn't necessarily mark a game as designed for kids.
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I meant, what's the attraction for adults to a thing designed for kids, which is very much a thing these days.

It's not designed just for kids, is the thing. I mean, Nintendo has been marketing just this one game to adults at least since 2008. Video games in general haven't been a "kid" thing in.. I don't know, possibly ever, quite frankly.
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I'm psyched for this! AC is so relaxing and sweet. I hope the mobile game has great music like the previous games. And Hamphrey.
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Essentially you're their town God. They've been waiting all this time for you to come back. There's something so terrifying about this power dynamic.

You don't even know, kid. This rabbithole goes deep.
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Anyway, Animal Crossing is great, I can't play it because at some point I'll want to -stop- playing it and that will mean abandoning all who depend on me for basic maintenance of their damn community and I'm too much of a crouton petter to be able to handle that.

Also the microtransactions here bug the hell out of me.

...I'm still going to read folks' mefightclub and blog posts about it, though.
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I don't want to be rude there, so I'll ask here

Yeah, your first instinct not to be rude was correct. Why do it here?
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If Animal Crossing was a Western game, sure, it'd be designed for kids. But that kind of cute design isn't necessarily for a particular age group in Japan, and there's something pleasant about having your own little town that you arrange yourself that I think shares an appeal with, say, FarmVille, except Animal Crossing is a lot more gentle.

The appeal, I think, is that it's a game where the world slowly changes, both under your direction and not. You can slowly change your town to be just how you like it, but the town itself has big shifts as new people move in and old residents move out, or some kind of festival or visitor or weather pattern blows through. Or nothing at all; sometimes there's nothing going on in town, and you can either do some chores or just come back tomorrow.

The idea of a game that deliberately chooses not to engage you is rather rare, but like Dark Souls, a game that deliberately chooses to be frustrating, you can make something very interesting when you ignore a particular rule of 'good' game design for effect.
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what's the attraction for adults to a thing designed for kids

What makes you think it's designed for kids?
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Is this the place where I get to enthuse about how Stardew Valley on the Switch is just hitting all my buttons and might be the most perfect game ever made in the most perfect medium for it
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To add on to Merus's great comment, the story goes that Nintendo wanted to design a game that would be appealing to women, so they actually had the female designers in their employ come up with a game that they'd be interested in, and Animal Crossing is the game that eventually came out of that.

It is, above all, a social game. (Every version of Animal Crossing has had some kind of multiplayer component.) You communicate with the computer-controlled animal characters; your communications (letters, favors granted, art designs and clothing creations, gifted objects) are often discussed with other players. "Progress" may just be measured by the accumulation of knick-knacks, but artful or interesting collections or arrangements are noteworthy.

The big reason I loved Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the Nintendo DS is because whenever you passed somebody else in the real world who had the game, a version of their house would show up in your showcase neighborhood (and vice versa). Seeing the houses other people made was fascinating: this guy made a haunted house with a spooky library, sinister laboratory basement, etc. This girl always has out-of-season holiday decorations. That dude doesn't organize at all, and just stores his prodigious collection of fishing trophies and extra fossils. Here's a player who color-coordinates outfits to match each themed room of their house. Hundreds of houses, each one unique, and if somebody really impressed you, you could look them up in the dream emporium to see if they'd uploaded their entire town. One guy had created an entire village depicting a dystopian big-brotheresque police state with processing offices, security checkpoints, and theme-appropriate villagers and animal catchphrases. It was astonishing.
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I had Animal Crossing for the DS (before my DS died a terrible death by falling off my coffee table and then I never replaced it, sadly. I loved you, DS. I'm sorry I threw you on the floor by accident) and it was just ... comforting. I had a terrible job that didn't pay me enough and was working weird hours in multiple locations. Things just felt chaotic. I liked escaping into this cute world where there was really no conflict or punishment for failure. You just got to wander around and collect things and sometimes buy stuff. It was relaxing and sweet.

My life is a lot better now but I will be playing the hell out of this.
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More on how Animal Crossing's designers and target audience include women: “Not only did they want to make the game for both men and women; they wanted it to be made by men and women. As obvious as it might sound, it’s an atypical approach on both counts.”
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whenever you passed somebody else in the real world who had the game, a version of their house would show up in your showcase neighborhood

Oh, I enjoyed this! I really loved StreetPass when I was heavily DS-ing. I never had any idea who the people actually were, but I'd see the same folk pop up in Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter on my commutes and from where I'd hang out on campus.
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I know that one thing that pulled me into Animal Crossing (New Leaf was my first and thus far only exposure) is that it felt light and friendly. I've played a lot of sims and world-builders and sometimes they take themselves a bit too seriously. But this felt so fun and friendly and care free. It's kind of nerdy and it's just a pleasant experience. Everything about the world you create is low-stakes and it's nice to play a video game like that, to just tap a bit mindlessly and not have to worry about anything or anyone. You can make a mistake and it's not a big deal in this universe.
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I love Animal Crossing, but the 3DS gives me headaches if I play for very long (shorter on days with any other stressors) and I have been waiting to hear news of when we'll get a Switch game. I'd given up on a phone game, it'd been so long since there was any mention on it. So anyways, I'm thrilled and crafting lots of furniture and arranging my campsite sounds like fun. I wonder if the selection will be more limited-- my favorite theme across the series had been the fruit sets, watermelon, citrus, apple, and pear. I like the sweets sets and mad scientist too... I can't remember how many iterations some of this stuff had been in, but New Leaf is the fourth Animal Crossing I've played. It's consistently fun to play in a way that other games rarely hit (and none for as long, yet).
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what's the attraction for adults

Seriously; have you read the US politics threads, or tried to discuss the same with right-wing relatives, or watched the TV news in the last year or so? Yes? Noticed those unpleasant mental and physical reactions you were having?

Now go and lose yourself in Animal Crossing for a while, and have pretty much a totally opposite experience and set of reactions.
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I had so much fun with ACNL when it first came out. I got it at launch along with a bunch of people I knew online, and playing it together was a wonderful social experience. We'd share screenshots of funny moments and commiserate over the grindier aspects of the game (sea bass...) The larger ACNL community was pretty great, too. I remember visiting a random person's town, which had been set to the summer solstice for some reason, and taking a photo of our characters together in the sunflower cutout. The whole interaction was conducted without a single word. It was an oddly soothing thing to do at 2 AM.
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Finally, I can live in a van, down by the river.
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Oh man. I lost almost a year to ACNL. Like, bought Japanese books that listed all the items you could have, installed a router with some magic that let me have streetpass interactions from all over the world, and risked the wrath of the Resettis on the rare occasion that I would miss something important. I was so devoted to Zucker the Octopus and keeping him in my town that I think I would cry if I went back and checked and he was gone. I spent countless hours trying to collect every piece of furniture and clothing. New Leaf took over my life to the detriment of real life responsibilities at times.

Needless to say I’m so fucking psyched for the mobile version I can hardly stand it.
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I started playing New Leaf to have another point of connection with my son, and other young people in my life. Then I started setting up designs for myself in my Dr. Who themec world. Now I cant find my cartridge, and I'm so bummed!

Yes, I will be playing this game. And trying to get my (now adult) son to play, too.
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I hope there's some way to transfer patterns from New Leaf. I had my guy dressed up like #6 from The Prisoner, with the penny-farthing logo as the town flag and so on.

I quit after nearly two years of daily play because some bastard gorilla built his house in the middle of the chessboard lawn.
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I played the original Animal Crossing for years. So much that to this day, when I see a dragonfly I have an urge to run after it with a net, even when there is no net to be found.

Now if they can come up with a new Pikmin game, I will be set.
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I liked these posts from Alexis Hall about ACNL: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Peanut and Alexis Crossing.
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Now if they can come up with a new Pikmin game, I will be set.

Hey! Pikmin just came out for the 3DS.
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OP nitpick; the YaK was not the designer of the original Tempest. He designed Tempest 2000, then Tempest 3000, then a series of other Oh God The Mushrooms Are Kicking In psychedelic tube shooter descendants of Tempest.
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Dammit, between Pokemon Go and Love Nikki I don't have room on my phone for this.
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There is a huge difference between "designed to be enjoyable for kids and not adults" and "designed to be enjoyable for people of all ages, including kids." Animal Crossing is the latter.
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I'm still playing the Wii AC: City Folk, and so is my niece when she comes over, even though it's almost as old as her. She's going to be so excited for this iOS version, but I hope it doesn't interfere with her Christmas dreams of getting a 2-or-3DS and New Leaf.
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Animal Crossing is where I can live the dream: I have a beautiful house with attractive possessions in a town full of people who admire and respect me and with whom I can play hide and seek or write letters in the warm and certain knowledge they will answer them.

It is cute and soothing and has a dry sense of humor, unlike most of the rest of the world.
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Animal Crossing in its various incarnations has been my happy place through bad jobs and a bad marriage and not having money and bad health and the shitshow that is US politics right now. Guess who ordered a new phone today.
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Fascinating Fact: real estate magnate "Tom Nook" is so called because he is a Tanooki, one of the Japanese Raccoon Dogs associated with wealth due to their bulging scrota. Similarly, Tanooki Mario is able to fly due to the traditional myth of raccoon dogs paragliding, their testicular sacks buffeted by the wind. You're welcome!
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Alexis Hall via paduasoy is making me v tempted to get Animal Crossing....
We had good times, Peanut and me. Like when I forgot her birthday and she invited me to her birthday party and the only item I had in my inventory was a Gentleman’s Toilet. But she acted like that Gentleman’s Toilet was the best present in the world, and told she would always treasure it because it came from me. Indeed, whenever I visited her, the Gentleman’s Toilet would always be there, proudly displayed. How many of us have friends so kind and true?
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That sounds like an appropriate bidet present
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I'll add that Animal Crossing is the only game I play on my DS and that the AC FB groups I belong to are extremely friendly and welcoming of people of all ages and genders. That is pretty uncommon in my gaming experience. Maybe it's because we're not just united by the love of the game but because we've all been there when [HatedCharacter] plots their house on your perfect fruit grove and never pings to move away :D

PM me if you want to be my neighbour!
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In addition to what a lot of people have said above, Animal Crossing ends up being an interesting way for families to connect.

After I dropped out of college back in the US, I started working retail and brought at GameCube with a discount. I had a rough relationship with my mother, who had mental problems, and we didn't speak very much.

Over a few weeks, she saw me play Animal Crossing and then one day she suddenly picked up the game. Finally, we had something to talk about that wasn't weird or irritating. Was there a festival in the town? When was Grace coming? Did you get all the fossils?

My mother still occasionally plays to this day.
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I think the massive appeal of the game is that it's sort of a sandbox; how do you want to play it? Do you want to be a completist and get all the fish/bugs/gyroids/fossils/pictures of animals? Do you want to micromanage your town and have every inch laid out exactly as you want? Do you want to let it go wild with weeds and rafflesia? Do you care about building out your house? Are you going to decorate by theme, or try to get the most feng shui points, or just use your house for stockpiling all your crap?

How about fishing tournaments? Bug-catching contests? Do you want to have everything you need to impress Gracie and unlock her shop? Ooh, what about getting all the golden tools? Do you want to craft every item in your house to match with a pixelated portrait of George Michael that you have lovingly created? Do you want to go to the island and play weird little games with strangers, or chop down the trees in the precise manner that will allow you to collect the most rare beetles? How about gardening? Are you interested in hybridizing flowers? Do you want to find all the magic stumps? What happens if you eat that funny mushroom?

What about holidays? Want to collect all the holiday items? Or see what the actual phase of the moon is for the date you've set? See fireworks and even customize them? Wish on a meteor? Do you want to set the game to have weather for the opposite hemisphere, so when you're in the dead of winter you can see a lush summer? Would you like to have specialized orchards? A pine forest? Ooh, there's a balloon to shoot down! What was Julian's coffee order again?

Not only this, but the stakes are low. You can't die in-game or kill anyone else, though villagers might move away and new ones move in. Maybe you accidentally dig up your golden rose, or sell a coelacanth you meant to donate to the museum. Maybe you fall in a hole. Maybe you get stung by bees. Ehhh, you can climb out of that hole, make yourself another rose, get fishing again. And your face will be back to normal tomorrow. Or you can just sit on a stump and listen to the music, which changes based on time of day. Or go dancing downtown, or stop by on Saturday night to catch KK Slider's show.

I guess what I'm saying is, there's always something to do in Animal Crossing.
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I didn't get animal crossing, and then i got hooked on this Abyssrium mobile game where you build aquaria and just watch all the fish and whales swim around in the bottom of the ocean. it's half of the fun of an actual aquarium, without all the mess and expense. you can change the arrangements and fishes that populate your aquarium, or hang out in other people's reefs. it's relaxing, while giving you those dopamine rushes of accomplishment.

so, kudos, animal crossing, thanks for kicking this off.
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I’ve just been playing it for the last couple of days and it’s fun but it’s mostly adorable fetch quests. You could just collect stuff for yourself if you want, but you only have so much space and the only options are to give it to villagers who ask or sell them.
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Animal Crossing isn't out in my region yet, but I'm feeling the jones. Anyone have any suggestions for this sort of game, ideally where you can wander in and out without getting locked into feed the animals daily or they die, and where you can spend money for extras if you like but the game is entirely accessible without?
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(I already have Neko Atsume, but I have all the cats and items right now.)
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You could do what I did and accidentally reset your phone losing all of your Neko Atsume progress, although I found that it was still hard to revitalize my interest at that point.
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Spoon Pet Collector is the next game by the makers of Neko Atsume. It moves a little faster and is slightly sillier looking, but I find it satisfying. My phone died recently and I had to start them both up from scratch, and have been enjoying that more than I expected.
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The worldwide release date is November 22 (this Wednesday)!
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Anyone want to buy a stag beetle?
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So ... looks like it's out in the US already, so you can get a head start on furnishing your site before Thanksgiving.
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Yep, this launch unfortunately coincided with me going over my data limit, so I'm playing very intermittently (and filling in the gaps with AC:New Leaf, which I hadn't played since the huge update last fall and consequently have fallen back into big-time). If anybody needs a friend, Jason is at 9746 7384 124.
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Aaaand, I'm already in debt.
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Woo! Released in the US! This is my first animal crossing, but we'll see how far I get. Seems like a lot to do!
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Is there any way to turn off the sound? I'm not seeing any settings options in the menu, and it is definitely not the game for me if I can't silence it.
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The settings are under More in the lower right corner.
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(ID’s in my profile, if you’re playing and want to add me.)
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I'm stuck in the tutorial because I can't find all the fruits the first villager wants. This does not bode well. Is there some secret cherry tree I'm overlooking?
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My code is 11017562359 if anyone wants to add me.
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I’m at 8068 4733 137, going by Guan.
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My ID is 1718 6988 509, nickname Jo.
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I’m enjoying it, but I sure hope Nintendo is working on upgrading their servers.
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I'm 3278 3033 903!

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I got the horrible cold being passed around the office (right in time for Thanksgiving!), and I am very thankful for this game being available when I'm home sick. Ive never played Animal Crossing before, and I'm hooked. Thanks for making this post and putting it on my radar!

My ID is 7169 3389 498 - friend me!
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I just ran though a bunch of friend requests- from Para, if you posted your friend code. Gotta a cool spot, but I want better natural clothes :p
posted by Hermeowne Grangepurr at 11:28 AM on November 22 [1 favorite]

I'm 5493 1196 211.
I feel sheepishly hooked like all the other times I start a new Animal Crossing.
posted by kendrak at 11:43 AM on November 22 [2 favorites]

A question- is there any way to see how many calling cards, fertilizer or request cards you have? The items menu has info on the stuff you pick up and the building materials, but it seems like the number of these other items only show up if you are trying to use them.
posted by Hermeowne Grangepurr at 3:01 PM on November 22 [1 favorite]

Just put my ID on my profile page. I am so excited right now!
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Humans are weird. Always walking up and forcing a bag full of bugs into your hands with a "Here take this"
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I'm 10496028134! And I'm adding all of you lovely people.
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Okay, I went and attempted to befriend everyone who posted their code, but I feel weird about posting mine, so memail me if you want it. Loving this game so far, I'm glad I like the modem and sleek furniture enough to tide me over until I get the fruit and sweets furniture.
posted by Margalo Epps at 2:11 PM on November 23

Posted my ID on my profile. Got good stuff in my Market Box!
posted by Hermeowne Grangepurr at 12:27 PM on November 24

Two hours for a cocktail? Seven hours for a pizza? I would like to speak with a manager.
posted by ckape at 3:46 PM on November 24 [4 favorites]

I don't know if Shovelstrike Quarry is worth the trouble, and I wonder if there's something not quite right in how it's working. Is there anything about it that's worth the pestering or leaves required to get in?
posted by carbide at 8:09 AM on November 25

I probably wouldn't spend leaf tickets on it.

(This Reddit person's guide seems pretty good, based on what I've picked up so far.)
posted by box at 11:06 AM on November 25 [2 favorites]

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