Web of Distraction.
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Web of Distraction. Does the web cause you to lose time, having a hard time stopping browsing, and starting working? I know for me, the sheer inertia of browsing, it's hard to start working.
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I tell myself over and over and over that I won't surf the web at work, but i keep creeping back to metafilter without fail. Now I know what it is, over-excercised willpower.
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Overexercised willpower! What claptrap!

They're essentially saying that if we're not tempted to turn to distraction then we're less apt to do so. And that when there are lots of temptation we're likely to give in.

I mean, I know I'm a genius, but this isn't exactly a complicated theory.
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Metafilter--a hive of posts on weekdays--sort of dies on weekends.
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So true. Now that I'm hooked on Mefi I hardly have any time to dedicate to my normal routine of week-long crack binges and engraving the Gettysburg Address on grains of rice.
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...which is having a deletrious effect on MY normal routine of week-long binges on gettysburg address engraved rice. much more of this and i'll be reduced to hanging out in the 7-11 hoping to steal a box of rice-a-roni...
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The 'net doesn't steal much of my time. Mind you, there's so little worth reading on it, anyway.
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Since when did shift get all bloggy? Cute.
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"Pychyl runs what is likely the world's first procrastination research centreā€¦"

Boy, does that ever sound like a place for me! Too bad it's in Ottawa.
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"...willpower is like a muscle -- it gets tired, same as a bicep. If you exercise your willpower too much, it becomes exhausted, and is less able to prevent your attention from wandering." ROTFLMAO! Someone got paid to do this "research?" Pull my other one, it's got bells on. Other than that, I agreed, at least with the beginning and end of the article.
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A month ago I cancelled my ADSL account. I reckon my productivity has trebled since then (I mostly work from home).
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I'm a full-time student, so I spend a great deal of time at my apartment close to campus. I used to waste tons of time online, but recently found a solution. I bought a recumbent bike and sit it sideways in front of the computer, so every time I'm on the computer I have to ride. It's been working good so far. I still spend alot of time online, but at least I'm doing something productive as well. I've ridden 100 miles in the last 2 days between e-mail, MeFi, and Heroes of Might and Magic III.
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