His villagers must be wondering where he is
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As the CIA releases (link news) more of the content of the hard drives in Osama Bin Laden's compound, the Internet wades through the movies (Antz, Cars, Chicken Little, and Resident Evil), propaganda, anime, and games including not surprisingly Counter-Strike, but perhaps more surprisingly ... Animal Crossing: Wild World. We can sadly only speculate on life in his town as Mayor, and his encounters with Tom Nook. (Post title)
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(For non-players: Animal Crossing is played ... no, completely lived ... in real-time and if you don't turn up in your little community for a while then the other inhabitants notice, send you letters, make comments about you being away when you finally do turn up, and so forth. Depending on the version of Animal Crossing, weeds can also take root and grow, so if you spend a lot of time away then you have a *lot* of yard work to do on your return.)
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Is there some reason to think that the children living in the compound weren't the ones tending to their Animal Crossing save file?
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I hope senpai notices me today!
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His tastes also ran alongside the otaku, with plenty of Naruto, Bleach, and Dragon Ball games in the list, on top of the complete Devil May Cry anime series.

Gah, he really was a monster. I bet his waifu was shit, too.
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I wonder if he posted incognito to Twitter or any forums, and if so, if his avatar was an anime girl.
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Counter Strike? Hmm....I have so many questions.
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The funniest is still OBL having Loose Change on there.
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