Don't Waste Your Wishes, say The Killers
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Christmas with The Killers! 2006: A Great Big Sled ft. Toni Halliday

2007: Don't Shoot Me Santa
2008: Joseph, Better You Than Me ft. Elton John, Neil Tennant
2009: ¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe! ft. Wild Light, Mariachi El Bronx
2010: Boots
2011: The Cowboys' Christmas Ball
2012: I Feel It In My Bones ft. Ryan Pardey
2013: Christmas in L.A. ft Dawes
2014: Joel the Lump of Coal by The Killers & Jimmy Kimmel (song begins at 5:14)
2015: Dirt Sledding ft. Ryan Pardey, Richard Dreyfuss
I did my best to fit in, and I did as my teachers said, but that year one teacher stood out from the rest. He didn't just stand out from the rest; He sung out. His name was Mr Hansen. And on a frosty December morning, he explained to us the story of the old standard "I'll Be Home For Christmas." A tale of a World War II soldier stationed overseas, writing a letter to his family about the return that he may never make.
2016: I'll Be Home For Christmas by The Killers & Ned Humphrey Hansen

Bonuses: Here's a live performance of Be Still in Manchester on 13 Nov 2017. The Killers are featured in an episode of the Song Exploder podcast about the song "Rut," from their most recent album Wonderful Wonderful. Have a rockin' an a rollin' Christmas time!

P.s. I do suggest tissues when you're watching some of these music videos.
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*checks calendar*

*shakes fist*
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wait, that's barely a hint of Toni. /sighs.
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Aw, sorry crush :( I had to look up who Halliday is, and she has a gorgeous voice. I wish she had a prominent role in A Great Big Sled.

Oh god, here I go, thread sitting: a couple of days ago, on the 16th when The Killers were in Dublin, they let a fan play piano for A Dustland Fairytale! (via.) It was very good. For some perspective, here's Dustland Fairytale performed with a partial orchestra(?) on 11th May 2009.
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The first time I ever heard Toni Halliday sing, I drove my car off the highway in a desperate attempt to write down what the DJ said the song was (he never did say). About six months later, I was making a friend late to the Cure show (having some sort of existential crisis outside the venue) when Curve started up and I finally had my answer. It was beautiful.

Anyway, this was a fun post.
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