Tommy wore dresses because his tail interfered with pants.
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Tommy Tucker was a male grey squirrel who toured the United States wearing women's fashions and selling war bonds to support America in WWII as well as other charitable endeavors. He died in 1949, was stuffed and was bequeathed to the Smithsonian in 2005. While the museum maintains an archive of Tommy Tucker related ephemera (and possibly dresses), the actual stuffed squirrel lives in the lawyer's office who had been handling the bequest according to this podcast. (prev, via)
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aaah the one with the little couch
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There's that small little space where a thing can be both creepy and cute at the same time. This fits in that space.
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The Smithsonian isn’t sure they WANT him? Isn’t this what the Smithsonian is FOR?

This is an outrage. I am gonna write my senator or something.
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dirtdirt if you do write your senator be sure to include a snapshot of your senator and Tommy so as to illustrate how snappily dressed and charming Tommy is

if you can make it look like the two of them are having a great discussion over pizza or ice cream a la Barack and Joe Biden I think that would be especially compelling
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Tommy died the day after my mom was born.

These two facts have nothing to do with one far as I know.
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Aah! so he did get a wife. I wonder if he also got a knife?
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I want to do this. My wife won't let me do this and has no good reason.

Rabies, hah!

Then she said the squirrels wouldn't be able to take the dresses off and they might get hurt. THEY ARE TREE RATS! WHO CARES?!

I would dearly love to see the neighborhood reaction to seeing squirrels all dressed up.

As a side note, we have a pet that pretends to be a cat (is actually a familiar) who was "helping" us with the gardening the other day. A wild squirrel appeared. Bugsy RAAAN to the squirrel and then... stopped. The squirrel ran a few feet. Bugsy ran a few feet. The squirrel ran to the base of a tree. Bugsy ran to the base of the tree. The squirrel stared at the cat. The cat familiar stared at the squirrel.

At this point we could see the squirrel's thought bubble.

"Wow, this one sure is dim, huh?" it read.

I want to see these pests dressed in doll clothes. I want my neighbors to question their history of psychedelic consumption.
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Juanita Weasel will do the baking for that tea party.
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This is like if the web existed in the 1940's.
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That second photo looks like he's doing the hand-jive
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Disturbing! Compelling! Disturbing! Compelling!
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but, does he put the lotion on?
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I love the prominent padlock on the display case because you're damn right people are going to want to take that li'l guy home
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What is this line?

Zaidee Bullis, a childless mother and wife to a dental surgeon....
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According to the letters page of the Squirrel Girl comic, squirrels don't carry rabies.
(But then according to that comic Squirrel and Girl somehow rhyme?, so... )
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(But then according to that comic Squirrel and Girl somehow rhyme?, so... )

The way I have always said “squirrel” there’s either only one syllable or the second is hit so lightly as to almost disappear. “Squirl” and “girl” definitely rhyme. I suppose there are places less sophisticated than Texas where people say Squirr-el with two distinct, ungainly syllables, but I’ve never visited such a land.
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Burying the lede?

. . . when the couple took Tommy on tour, they drove in a Packard Touring Car, accompanied by a bulldog that had gold teeth and wore a fez.
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I've wondered if the film Great Rupert, though released in 1950 was shot in 1948, was influenced or inspired by Tommy Tucker the Squirrel.
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