Burn each match just so, and arrange in a diamond.
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Love this. The green/white vegetable tableau really speaks to me, since I recently started cooking recipes from one of those grocery delivery services, and I always struggle when a recipe asks you to "separate the green tops from the white bottoms of the scallions," since it's really more of a gradient than a clear distinction.
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Oreos FTW
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Aah, slotting this with Wright Kitchen in the I-love-this file.
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Love this!
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Oh, these are really nice.
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I'm calling him Candy Goldsworthy.
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People always post those purpousfully cringy ‘OCD*’-botherer pictures and I always find them lovely. These, on the otherhand, make my neck stiffen as I imagine the artist laboring with a set of tweezers over his cerial and candies. Ick. But neat!

*I know this is an improper, popular sense of a real illness.

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USAP 2016 shout out
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The tower of Spaghetti-O's is simply momentous. Any time I'm ever frustrated when making a piece of art from here on in, I'm going to remember this, giggle, and carry on.
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I'm admittedly a hater, but to me this feels like the kind of art that couldn't exist without Instagram. I'm not decrying the act of arranging one's Froot Loops methodically, or carefully making dazzle patterns in your Oreos so much as the push to commodify one's charming weirdo quirks somehow or another, via social media.
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These are great, thanks!

I'm admittedly a hater, but to me this feels like the kind of art that couldn't exist without Instagram.

So what you're saying is that Instagram has engendered entirely new forms of art? That sounds fantastic!
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This is like I Heart Hue meets Economy Custard and I love it so much!
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