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This Korean Grandpa Learned To Draw Again For His Grandchildren "He has made hundreds of drawings and hasn't stopped."
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My grandma is kind of in the opposite situation right now. She's an artist who started painting after she retired from teaching 15–20 years ago, and she's become so skilled that she now teaches watercolours herself.

But she's struggled with depression for some time, and it's recently worsened to the point where my mother, her daughter, is driving out to where she lives in rural Australia to be with her. Mum, a pretty stoic woman herself, said that after their most recent call she put down the phone and cried for fully 10 minutes. For as long as I can remember, Mum crying has always been an indication that something is seriously, seriously wrong.

My dad is away, so I'll be heading home to look after my teenage siblings. I like to consider myself an amateur artist, even though I haven't put paint to a surface since 2015. Part of that is because I've procrastinated on finding myself a studio space. But with Mum and Dad out of the house, I'm going to have all the space I need...

Maybe I can paint something for my grandma. Whether or not I do, I want to write her a letter at the very least. I started reading the link in the FPP literally at the same time Mum sent me the texts to let me know what was going on. So the story was very beautiful but also deeply sad. Reading how a grandparent's love for their grandchild was so powerful it changed their life, and recalling the love my own grandma has only ever shown me. And, uncomfortably, how despite this I've moved her further and further to the margins of my mind as I step deeper into adulthood. Even though her influence on me as a young child must have been so formative for my love of art.

Her memory has started to go a little. Not to the point where it's debilitating, but it is noticeable. Mum worries this latest bout of depression could spell the beginning of the end. I don't think I could live with myself if she went like this. Thank you for the FPP—it's a real wake-up call.
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I shouldn't have looked at that at work and now I'm crying thanks.
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The direct link to the image gallery is here. Simply amazing in terms of style, scope and creativity.
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I've followed him for a while on IG, delightful.
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“Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you're willing to practice, you can do.”
― Bob Ross
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This is beautiful. Thank you.
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This is amazing.
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This is precious -- I'm glad that he's putting it out there for the rest of the world to see too. I will certainly look into buying some of his prints.

(AA)A+ Grandpa
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He's such a good artist! The one of his granddaughter and the tree...and I loved the photo of him holding Astro. Thanks for a lovely post.
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I loved this!!
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I really like that swirly dinosaur in the Buzzfeed article.
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I really like this guy. He's one of a group that I don't follow but that I have in a folder to check regularly.
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What will it be like I wonder, for his granddaughter to be a grown woman long after his passing, and to look at all this beautiful work and know that it exists because a grumpy old man on the other side of the world had so much love for her, he just had to express it. She can carry that with her for her whole life.

What a gift.
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This is WONDERFUL. I love that photo of him holding his grand baby. He just radiates joy in that picture and you can see how in love he is. What a phenomenal gift he is giving to his family.
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These are great!
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This is great. I hope he uses his platform to urge other people to do the same.

A print of this grandpa's painting is $50, but a painting from one of my family members would be priceless to me. (I am already a family member that does this)
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Oh man, the drawings are awesome, and the stories are in three languages! This is so inspiring.
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