The Chimney Map
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The chimney map is one of only three known copies of a 17th century map of world produced by the Dutch engraver Gerald Valck, which was found stuffed up a chimney in Aberdeen and saved by the National Library of Scotland. The story of its finding, conservation and unravelling has been told across three short films, as well as in the library's magazine (pdf, pages 15-18).
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I’m going to watch all of this (I’m so intrigued - and it’s my birthday so thank you for this excellent present!) - but - my number one question is: why would you stuff a map up a chimney? I’m trying to imagine the sequence of events that brought a person to the conclusion that putting a map in the chimney was the best option for whatever issue was at hand.
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What a find! What an FPP! Thank you.
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Many moons ago I had a professor who did restoration work for the Getty Museum. She was involved in the restoration and preservation of Egyptian funeral encaustics from the first millennium BC. The slow, meticulous and painstaking work is very familiar...
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This is neat! What a brain-mashing puzzle to try and piece together though.

double bubble - one of the people interviewed suggests that the fun explanation for stuffing it up the chimney is that the prominent depiction of William and Mary might have gotten someone in hot water politically but that the more likely and boring explanation is that it was just stuffed in there to block a draft.
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Thank you for this.
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One of the videos (I think it's the "finding" one) admits that it wasn't found in a chimney, but under the floor of an upstairs room, and discovered when the two floors were knocked through in the 80s.

That's a more difficult place to hide something though so if anything the mystery is even greater.
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Oh wow. That first video showing the conservation process is incredible.

The work to clean and restore the map proved to be one of the most complex yet undertaken by the Library's conservation department. It involved a variety of specialist treatments which covered five key stages:

- Opening and flattening the map
- Separating it into its original eight sections
- Removing the linen backing
- Dry cleaning and washing the paper
- Re-assembling the cleaned sections onto a new paper lining.

'Once the map was unfurled I was able to assess its condition, which I must admit filled me with dread,' said Claire Thomson, book and paper conservator at the Library.

No kidding. It seems like a heck of a responsibility. Amazing work, that.
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These videos were amazing. I have to wonder, though, is it customary in Scotland for things found during a renovation to be "finders keepers" for the contractors? Without mentioning to the homeowner? It seems to have found its way to a good place in the end, but they gloss over this as 'destined for the trash' without anyone ever seeming to have mentioned it to the home's residents.
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If two decent copies of the print exist elsewhere, and only a fraction of this one survives, why not simply replace it with a modern copy? We could just pretend thst it was a fourth copy that got shoved into a cabinet and was only recently recovered.
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I have to wonder, though, is it customary in Scotland for things found during a renovation to be "finders keepers" for the contractors?

I expect this would actually have come under the rules of treasure trove finds, and should have been reported to the appropriate authorities when it was first found, so it ended up in the right place.
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