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December 21, 2017 7:44 PM   Subscribe Magazine's Northerners of the Year are the musical group The Jerry Cans. Known for songs like Ukiuq, (featuring throat-singing band member Nancy Mike) (English Version), the Celtic-tinged Mamaqtuq, the anti-domestic violence song Arnalukaq, the jaunty Iqanajarumanngittunga and Pai Gaalaqautikkut, the anti-PETA song Dear PETA, and the love song Aakuluk. But The Jerry Cans are not the only musicians heating up Canada's Arctic, many of them signed by the Iqaluit-based Aakuluk Recording Label.

While Tanya Tagaq rightfully gets the lion's share of attention for new northern music (and is a great follow on twitter), other bands are worthy of a listen, such as Saali and the Ravenhearts, with the bluesy Sapiqangitunga, rolling Sapiqangitunga, and vaguely celtic Ummatiga; Kelly Fraser with the poppy Isuma; Anuri, a throat-singing duet from Iva and Riit, younger sister of Nancy Mike; The Trade Offs - Qaumariaq; Hulangailaa by Agaaqtoq, featuring Iva; Celina Kalluk and Marie Belleau (at Iqaluit Pride 2014); and Nukatugat - The Friend Song. Honourable mention goes to Greenland's Nanook.

These contemporary musicians follow in the footsteps of Arctic & Sub-Arctic pioneers such as veteran rock/metal band Northern Haze (e.g. ), Slayvz, Kashtin, and Charlie Adams.
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Lucie Idlout - E5-770: My Mother's Name
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Thank you for this post! I love the Jerry Cans! And Tanya Tagaq is force to be reckoned with. And Kashtin was great, too. I had one of their cassettes (back when people had cassettes.) I will listen to all these great links while I clean my house tomorrow!
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This is wonderful -- can't wait to dig into all of this. Thanks, Rumple!
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Oh shit yeah, Lucie Idlout is incredibly talented.
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Great post!

I saw Tanya Tagaq this summer when she played for free at the Canada Games in Winnipeg (Jerry Cans played first). I'd been a fan but never saw her live... it was quite something. Definitely a highlight of the year for me and my family.
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Thanks - yah arctic!

I saw Riit on Steve Paikin's show - really like her music. Much to explore.
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Great post! Thank you.
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This is a Pink Floyd style of music that I really like - I hope you do too:
    Inuit - Silarsuarmut Sassalerputit
(it means "just stepping out into the world")

Great subject for a post Rumple
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I was lucky enough to catch the Jerry Cans two years back at the Vancouver Folk Fest. They were charismatic, funny and talented. Within two or three songs, they had strangers square-dancing with one another, kicking up dust in the setting sun.
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I love the Jerry Cans! I played them for my indigenous literature class this semester and my students really liked them too.

And Tanya Tagaq...I saw her live a couple of years ago and she was electrifying.
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Thank you so much for this post! All these bands are new to me and I am super excited to check them out!
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I got a chance to see the Jerry Cans live this summer at the Kaslo Jazz etc Festival and they were fantastic. They also did a throat singing workshop later in the day and sat in on some other shows, as happens sometimes. Aside from their music, they also talked a fair amount about cultural preservation and what it's like to grow up in the North.

My daughter's school used their song "Northern Lights" as their entry in the CBC's Music Class Challenge and they got the whole school to do the throat singing. (Here's a Link to the performance if you like watching elementary school kids sing and play)
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Sauril, that was a sweet performance! The kids did a great job!
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Oh sauril, that was so good! Did you get all teary? I did. What an amazing music teacher, too!
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Thanks you two! I did get all teary. My girls had integral parts too, so that made it even more special. And our music teacher is amazing. We're lucky to have a dedicated music teacher at a small elementary school (I think about 180 kids this year)
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