"didn’t I just read this on the front page yesterday morning?"
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Uncivil is a podcast hgosted by journalist Jack Hitt and Rutgers professor Chenjerai Kumanyika that covers The Civil War Stories You Don't Learn In School (and why you didn't learn them), which feels like Urgent Listening In Today's America

THE RAID [w/ transcript] - A group of ex-farmers, a terrorist from Kansas, and a schoolteacher attempt the greatest covert operation of the Civil War.

THE DEED [w/ transcript] - A 19th century promise, and a 21st century betrayal. The past and present of 40 acres and a mule.

THE TAKEDOWN [w/ transcript] - We sat down with Nikole Hannah-Jones of the New York Times Magazine, Al Letson of Reveal, and Christy Coleman of the American Civil War Museum to talk about how they take down Civil War myths. [FULL CONVERSATION ON SOUNDCLOUD]

THE SOLDIERS [w/ transcript] - A woman discovers a secret that the government long tried to keep hidden: a secret about who exactly fought in the Civil War.

THE SPIN [w/ transcript] - From the cemetery to the big screen, a 150 year old push to rewrite American history.

THE SONG [w/ transcript] -We dig deep into the anthem of the Confederacy, and learn that almost everything we thought we knew about it... was wrong.

THE PAPER [w/ transcript] - A small shopkeeper in Philadelphia unwittingly stumbles into a con that helps take down the Confederacy.

THE SENTENCE [w/ transcript] - In 1640 three men attempted to escape indentured servitude. The outcome lay the foundation for the split in America that lead to Civil War.

THE ASSETS [w/ transcript] - Rachel Swarns [previously] of the New York Times joins us to discuss what she discovered when she followed the money trail of one of the nation's top financial institutions all the back to the 19th century.

THE PORTRAIT [w/ transcript] - A listener voicemail sends us deep down the rabbit hole into one of the most toxic myths of the Confederacy.
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this is a really amazing podcast and something that is especially great in context of a lot of the local conversations here in my city about Confederate symbol removal and all of the neo-confederate groups that have actual political sway and standing here in the South. appreciate this really lovely post <3
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I've been listening to this, and it's the best. They've actually broken news and history on this thing.
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For a podcast that "takes this history you didn't learn in school and punches it in the face!" it is really, really good. The episodes cover very different topics (you may not think The Raid and The Portrait are from the same podcast) so it is always interesting without being scurrilous or overly dramatic; the material speaks for itself.
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"(and why you didn't learn them),"

The Financial Times is requiring a subscription to even see the headlines. What was the gist of "why you did not learn them"? I can almost figure it out with the other links, but I'm curious about what the FT says.
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but I'm curious about what the FT says.

It's a summary, but touches on the deliberate ideological program of Lost Cause mythology.
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Thanks for this. I’ve been listening all afternoon, and it’s amazing.
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This is such a great podcast. Every episode has been good. I thought I knew a lot about these topics but I've learned so much.
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Oh, sure, post this after we paint three rooms this week and spend five hours outside today.
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The Financial Times is requiring a subscription
Google the article title:
Uncivil, a deeply affecting new podcast, explores little-known American civil war stories
and click the link on the results page. They don't mind being a search result.
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Whoa, this is so good.
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