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Caterpillar cameos "Predators have driven the evolution of many of these characteristics, weeding out individuals that lacked sufficient defenses. Generation after generation of natural selection has given rise to caterpillars that mimic fallen leaves or raindrops, species with eyespots that scream snake, or bright hues that warn of poisonous spines." [via]
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Caterpillars previously.
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The best defense is to be more fabulous than anyone else in the room. I'll jot that down in my notes.
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Perhaps its a bit off topic but I will say that's one of the first, maybe the only, time I've enjoyed that format of media presentation in a weblink/article. Thanks for that, not to mention the content.
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I got stung by the first little fella in the link (the Saddleback Slug Caterpillar) a couple years back doing yard work, and boy howdy it does a number on you. I felt crummy for a couple days. When I wondered on social media if I was developing caterpillar-based super powers, one wag suggested that I was merely beginning the process of turning into a beautiful butterfly.
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Sure, Chtorrans start off all adorbs but then.
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Don't lie to me, those "flannel moths" are clearly tribbles trying to sneak into our ecosystem.
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Flannel moths aka woolly slugs? Who knew such a delightful thing existed?
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They look cute but those stings are pretty bad. Don't touch 'em.
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(Acharia stimulea) sends a clear message to would-be predators: Stay away...Among humans, the more severe reactions include migraines, hemorrhaging, asthma complications, and anaphylactic shock.

Oops, the message I'm getting is, "Boop me right on the dot of my cute green blanket" but clearly, that would be bad. I failed predator school.
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I am not a fan of creepy crawlies but wow these are gorgeous! The saddleback ones look just like little toys ambling around. Freaky little adorable poisonous toys!
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