But what happened to that green Beetle?
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In 1968 Steve McQueen chased a Dodge Charger through the hills of San Francisco in an Mustang GT390 (previously). The production company bought two Mustangs from Ford, one was ruined during filming and the other ended up with a private owner, never to be seen publicly again. McQueen practically begged to buy it back until 1977, but was repeatedly rebuffed. But yesterday, the Bullitt Mustang was seen again.
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Wild. I bet this car would break auction records now that it's known to exist.
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I take a certain vicious, pointless joy in knowing that Steve McQueen really wanted his prop car and was denied it.
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> When Bob got a company car, his wife drove the Mustang to her teaching job at a nearby school.

"So you see, Mr. McQueen, why I am unable to sell the car back to you."
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(Steve McQueen angrily rides his motorcycle away.)
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What a coincidence!
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I find car journalism surprisingly, consistently compelling. I don't give fuck one about cars: mine is a Carolla with 190+k on it, broken locks, dents all over, peeling, oxidized paint, and interior upholstery literally peeling off the ceiling (a friend asked if a moose had been riding the in the car, scraping his antlers on the ceiling). But a well written piece about a car gets me every time.
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What a coincidence!

Pepsi Green? ;)
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OK guys: frame-for-frame re-shoot of Bullitt car chase scene only on bicycles! Let's do this!
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The Secret Of Steve McQueen's Bullitt Chase Scene - so there were three! Let the searching continue.
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Perfection. Needs only more window louvres.

And a San Francisco empty enough to hoon it in.
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There was a line in the article ‘this was the automotive equivalent of the Ark of the Covenant’ that made me start imagining a remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark, in which a reporter from a car magazine is racing against time to stop the car falling into the hands of the alt-right, and in the final scene the hood opens and Nazi faces start melting off.
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Sallah: Indy, there is something that troubles me.
Indiana: What is it?
Sallah: The car. If it is there, in Kentucky, then it is something that man was not meant to disturb. Death has always surrounded it. It is not of this earth.
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Our buddy back in the old basement VHS viewing lodge claimed that the actor/driver in the Dodge was also a famous stock-car driver, but I wouldn't know anything about it back then; Bill Hickman did some interesting things with cars, like The Love Bug.

(Also, Lalo Schifrin did not add music to the chase scene; and he is very good.)
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Sallah: Indy, you have no time. If you still want the car, it is being loaded onto a truck for Frankfort.
Indiana: Truck? What truck?
Sallah: Looks like a Mercedes-Benz L3000. 4-cylinder diesel engine, about 300 cubic inches.
Indy: Top speed about 50mph? Odd choice.
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I cry shenanigans. I know where this car ended up. Anyone who watches the weekly documentary Blue Bloods knows: The Bullitt Mustang.
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I’ve known the director, Ken, from the story for years. I’m slightly heartbroken that I didn’t get in on this reveal, as is every gearhead production person I know.

We’re all sending the article to each other, kinda stunned.

Thanks so much for posting, this is fantastic. If you ever get the chance to see Bullitt In a theater, do it. Sit in the middle back, so you can watch everyone’s heads bobbing and ducking during the chase scene. No matter how big your tv is, it can’t give you that view.
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Feeding into the Raiders spoofery, I was imagining that McQueen hid something in that car, after reading this in the OP:
McQueen offered no specifics as to why this particular Ford was important to him, except to say that he wanted to keep it unrestored and that it was “simply personal with me.”
Yeah, personal, like a treasure map. C'mon, Hollywood, don't you have any imagination? Larry Webster referenced Radiers and Goonies! Sure, a story for gearheads may be fun, but a story for gearheads and anyone who dreamed of discovering hidden loot with a treasure map is better (at least in terms of box office impact, or something).
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Is this the pitch for the next Nick Cage National Treasure Film?
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Hot take: the green Beetle is by far the best part of the chase scene.
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The green Beetle is in the promo film for the new Bullitt, so I think a lot of people are with you, plastic_animals!
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the new Bullitt

I'll hold out for "Werner Herzog's Bullitt"
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That was Steve McQueen's granddaughter Molly McQueen driving the Mustang in the promo.
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Just saw this same story on The Selvedge Yard today. I think it's the same?
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The story is on CBS evening news tonight, although the video sent on the website yet.
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