She was once a true love of Bob's.
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RIP Echo Helstrom Casey, 75. The original 'Girl From the North Country,' Bob Dylan's high school sweetheart has died.
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My favourite cover of the song, from a band that is big in most universes.
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to be alone with you
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My favorite cover, by Dear Nora (Katy Davidson).
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A friend-of-a-friend whose family hails from Hibbing, MN posted in response to Echo Hellstrom's obituary:

My mom lived next door to her in Hibbing. He used to pick her up for dates on his motorcycle and he'd be wearing a leather jacket. My grandpa thought he was a thug.

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For some reason, Nashville Skyline is the only Dylan album I’ve ever owned or listened to all the way through. It’s great and Girl From the North Country is great and I’m sorry to hear that she passed.
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For a scruffy folkie from Minnesota, Bob surely managed to accumulate his share of legendary girlfriends. Of course, a couple of them were elevated to that status by songs and/or album covers.
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