JB and Bobby D, together at last
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My head just exploded because the the two epic spiraling vortexes of iconic American pop have met and merged and made my head explode and it's exploded. Like a Rolling Sex Machine.
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With Wolfman Jack!
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The Bobfather of Soul
The Hardest Working Zimmerman in Show Business
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That's better than it has any business being.
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I dunno. It kind of reinforced my dislike of mashups.
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That's awesome, thanks!
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That really shouldn't have worked that well, but it did....
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That was the best 2 minutes 42 seconds of my day. Thanks, flapjax.
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"Here you go boss, all Dylan's funky music behind JBs shouts."

You eeeediot! I said JB's funky music behind Dylan's gabbing!
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(I really enjoyed this. Thanks for posting).
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Take me to the bridge . . .

            an' play it fuckin loud!

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Where do people get these A Capella tracks? I just discovered that The Cars' Let's Go and The Beastie Boys' Fight For Your Right (To Party) go together perfectly if you pitch down Let's Go by half a step...but I can't really do it justice without the A Capella track of either.

Its the way my brain works; sitting in a cafe with one song playing, and I find myself singing the other song in my head
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Another Grand Maester of Soul mashup: James of Thrones
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How can I isolate vocals?

This did sort of work, but my knowledge of the emotional tenor of the Dylan song sort of ruined my ability to enjoy the Brown side of things. I mean, LARS is an angry, bitter break-up song, perhaps the ne plus ultra of the subgenre. Listening to it ... it cuts through my body like a knife.That ... just doesn't connect with "I feel good ... like a sex machine."

BTW it's Bobby Z. C'mon.
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OMG. Best. Thing. Ever.
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I thought you meant James Brown and Bobby DeNiro
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At about the two-minute mark it makes the transition from greatness to INEFFABLE FUCKING SUBLIMITY. Thanks, this made my day!
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There are not and will never be enough favorites in the MeFi Favorite Printing Press for this.

What languagehat said!

Thanks flapjax, truly Best of Web. Of Life!

I now depart to shake my sex machine....I feel GOOD!!!
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