"The love's gotta go somewhere"
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After Robin Birdsong lost her son in 2007, she started Enchanted Farm Sanctuary (Instagram | Facebook) to help her cope with the grief. Ronnie the donkey also lost his son and refused to leave the spot where he died, so the farmer gave him to Robin, hoping for a fresh start. This is Ronnie's story.
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I'm not crying, you're crying! :'(
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It's the fire. It's throwing off a lot of smoke!
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I'm usually such a stuffy cynic about animal emotions. But that donkey, man, that donkey got me. The love has to go somewhere.
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Oh my god my heart.
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Gosh, barns are dusty, aren't they?

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Oh my god those three donkeys. Oh man. His poor little Jack.

*sniff* He looks so handsome in his scarf *sniff* I hope he's happy
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I would like to hug Ronnie. And knit him another scarf.

I want a donkey.
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I repeat the dust levels rose until the 'love's got to go somewhere' my room became like a sawdust workshop.
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Oh my god that donkey. All those lovely donkeys and goats and llamas and every other creature. Hnng.
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