A Press Conference With George Harrison.
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A Box, A Tape, A Name: A George Harrison mystery. An archive recording from Voice of America has been found and aired on the BBC in the UK for the very first time.
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I was thinking, "That's a lot of tape for a 5 minute video to cover."
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Could've figured it out a hell of a lot quicker if that DJ with the fez would have actually let the tape play, instead of stopping it every few seconds. That was like watching a stripper that halfway removes an article of clothing, only to stop and smoke a cigarette.
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Was exactly what I needed to send to my (self-proclaimed) Beatle Nerd friend who today informed me that there was no Santa Claus.
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That was hilarious! (Danny Baker fan here - very much his humour).
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George Harrison: the quiet union president.
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"... who will add Matt's discovery to their national archive." YESSSSSSSS
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That was fantastic. But I'm pretty sure the DJ knew what was on it.
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