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Evan Tyor and Luke McGinnis are roommates who share a 500 sq. ft. apartment in Brooklyn. Each month a bevy of musicians and vocalists cram into their home for the Apartment Sessions.

The Apartment Sessions has featured original arrangements of music from the likes of Gabriel Kahane, The Shins, Tim Minchin, Punch Brothers, Ingrid Michaelson, Frank Ocean, The Beatles and many, many more.
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Gabriel Kahane's Empire Liquor Mart is already an amazing song, but this arrangement brings it to a whole other level. Latasha Harlins, whose murder is the subject of the song, and the song itself have both been featured previously on the blue.
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Holy shit, that Gabriel Kahane video left me breathless.
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I'm blown away. Thanks a lot.
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Really cool concept and bravo to these folks.

I'm a big Tim Minchin fan and I found that version of Quiet to be uneven. The parts that I thought fell flat, though, were not as bad as the parts that worked were good. Interesting stuff.
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Adam Neely has a couple of behind the scenes videos (1, 2) showing how they organize all this.
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