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Fuzzy, overdriven, bass heavy, driving kick drums and bluesy riffs - 90s stoner rock bands are back, baby!
Fu Manchu - Clone of the Universe
Corrosion of Conformity (w/ Pepper Keenan!) - No Cross No Crown
Monster Magnet - Mindfucker, out March 23
Fireball Ministry (w/Scott Reeder of Kyuss!) - The Answer

Sleep are back and touring, with a highly anticipated album in the works (teaser The Clarity was issued by Adult Swim back in 2014).
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Oh yay
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Does Atomic Bitchwax count?
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Funny, I was just listening to Atomic Bitchwax and Clutch today.
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Precisely what I was looking for to freshen my gym playlist.

Sometime in the mid 90s I found myself drinking beers backstage with Monster Magnet, courtesy of a friend who'd gone to high school with them, or something like that, somewhere in New Jersey. Did not know they were still a going concern.
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Whoa, that's crazy they're all back (and on Bandcamp, natch)

Checking the BC "stoner metal" tag reveals a brand new Windhand/Satan's Satyrs split!
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Australian band and monsters of stoner rock, Tumbleweed, are still touring. This is from four years ago but they're still working on new music. I love 'em!
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I still use the Fu as my "need to kick some ass" music.

i do not allow myself to drive to Fu though. Bad combination!
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from the liner notes for the Fu Manchu album:

"Extra guitars on Il Mostro Atomico - Alex Lifeson".

That would be the monster closing track
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I've been listening to Fu Manchu this week, even before this post. I always refer to them as Dune Buggy rock. So good.
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Dune Buggy rock

I think they were part of some kind of desert party scene in CA. The new record (what I checked out) sounds like they haven't changed a bit since the day, which is good, I guess, if you want More of That.
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Like others here, I’ve only had a chance to listen to the Fu Manchu so far. Fucken rocks far as I’m concerned. Can’t wait to see Sleep at the 9:30 this summer!!!!
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Need some of that stoner-rock noise in your headphones while you work but can't deal w/ lyrics? Check out some of the stoner rock instrumental compilations. This one can get you through most of an afternoon (SLYT).
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Dune Buggy rock

This fan video of Boogie Van is like the apotheosis of 90s SoCal surfer stoner rock for me.

So many rad vans
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Oh man, I was never a stoner, but I wore out my copied Kyuss cassette tapes. And then somehow completely forgot about that phase until this post. Thanks!
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For the I-270 crowd, Clutch is touring and has a couple of new songs.
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I guess I didn't click on this post because I'm pretty familiar with these bands, but it occurs to me that makes it a good time to make a recommendation.

Listen to Elder - either of their last two... actually any of their last three albums (earlier is more groovy riff stuff, later gets more proggy complexity and quiet interludes). If you follow stoner rock right now you probably already know this - they're a fixture on "best of the year lists" - but that's because they are really damn good at what they do.
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(My friend compared them to Mastodon which I think is probably fair but there's something about the sense of melody and the way the guitar parts fit together that really impresses me about these guys.)
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How did I miss this post? I love 90s stoner rock! Stoner _____ genres are basically 90% of what I listen to.

I just happened to randomly hear about the new Fu Manchu album because my girlfriend I were talking and I was like "man, I haven't thought about Fu Manchu in a while." I went to put play some, and there was this whole new album. Go figure!
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