The world cup
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The world cup (of football) is very nearly upon us. You can win tickets to it by playing a free kick game. I am not sure if it applies to those outside the U.K but it doesn't matter because you would have no chance of winning at all. It is devilishly difficult but quite addictive and tremendous fun. You can also find a prediction league type thing and other bits and pieces here. If anyone has the motivation it is possible to set up a private league within the wider thing.
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posted by Kafkaesque at 9:24 AM on May 21, 2002

Any excuse to talk football:

I'm tipping England over Argentina -

Can there have ever been a sports team under more pressure than Argentina? As it stands, the national team appears to be the only thing that works in the entire country.
posted by niceness at 9:32 AM on May 21, 2002

Great...a month of my life down the drain. But seriously, I can't wait until this starts. I was in Europe for the last EuroCup [1-2 yrs ago...I think] and the one constant during the trip was me sitting at a pub/cafe/beerhall watching football with my new friends. I remember being stuck in the Ljubljana, Slovenia [my birthplace] Train Station and watching the Slovenia v. Yugoslavia match. Needless to say, the game was a tough one, but Slovenia lost 3-0 that day. But all was not lost, because I found a second cousin there at the station and we took shots of slevowitz to toast each other's accomplishments [and the loss of course]. Then there was the Germany/France game while I was in Mucich...where was I? Oh yeah:


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I have to agree, niceness. Given the rivalry, there's just no way England will lose to Argentina. I'm hoping that they'll win; at the very least should get a draw out of it.
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The good news for US fans is that it cannot possible be worse than last year.
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This has been a year of very strange happenings on the football field. First England thump Germany 5-1 away. Then Birmingham who have never won a penalty shoot out not only win one, but do it from the unlucky end at the Cardiff Millenium Stadium. There are other parochial examples.
Believe me this is the year to expect the unexepected. England will beat both Argentina and France. Then lose in the final to the even greater underachievers Spain.
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i much prefer this free kick game. less functionality, but cuter and no registration required to play.
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I'm tipping England over Argentina
I admire Beckham's game as much as the next guy, but man, check out the tv footage of him training in the last few days. His left ankle looks pitiful -- not that his legs have ever been huge, but really, the left really looks bad, much smaller then the right, little muscle tone.
Without a VERY good Beckham, England's going to get creamed. The Argentinians kick some serious ass, plus they're in very good shape
How's Gerrard? I mean, England's midfield is anybody's guess. The Ashley Cole as midfielder thing doesnt look good either to me. Eriksson's a smart men, but he needs all his top players in top form
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o2b, yep, cool game. I am just as bad at that as the other though. Football is truly a young mans game.
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Anyone interested in a metfilter prediction group on the Yahoo site? I've already made my picks.
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Anyone interested in a metfilter prediction group on the Yahoo site? I've already made my picks.
posted by trox at 12:39 PM on May 21, 2002

I have created a private group at Yahoo.
The Group I.D is 18561
The group password is metafilter
Spread the word!
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Gerrard's out, matteo. The English midfield, which used to be their strong suit, is starting to look mighty thin.
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Good grief. It won't let you enter bogus e-mail addy, even a bogus addy. Screw 'em.
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the game at espn let's you sign up with bogus info. pretty decent interface as well.
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Sauril, we have Canadas very own Owen Hargreaves who will come of age in this tournament. Beckham will be fit and so will Dyer. Then there is Scholes. Plus Joe Cole, who you may not have heard of yet but you will have by the end of June. And that's just the midfield. Gerrard will be missed, but don,t forget he has hardly ever been a regular. Oh and there is Nicky Butt too.
I think we will cope.
posted by Fat Buddha at 1:54 PM on May 21, 2002

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